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Boating In Rajasthan

Boating is not only a pleasure with lots of fun for enjoyment but it too facilitates the travelling in water. Boating makes many tourists enthusiast about water traveling. Now -a-days this bold activity is building higher attraction among the tourists owing to aforesaid reasons. Boating is especially accepted in many states of India and admired and highly favored in Rajasthan also. Rajasthan has got a number of good lakes which makes it a preferred boating destination for visitors. The boating in this state can be enjoyed throughout the year but mid of the year is favorite time. Voyage by boats from one place to another place is undertaken to enjoy the comforting and gentle delight of water travelling. Most of lakes located in Rajasthan state are long before constructed by the Rajas (kings) in their respective territories. These beautiful lakes are now decorating the expansion of boat travelling aspects in this state.

Tourists can enjoy the boating experience mostly at many destinations of the state. The Udaipur Lake along with Siliserh Lake, nearby Alwar, is the most beautiful and thrilled boating options for the boating lovers. In addition, there are other locations also for boat riders to enjoy the thrill of boating in Rajasthan. Nakki Lake of Mount Abu extends serene and dreamy boating options to the tourists by choosing a light flat-bottom boat or a padalo suitable for a family/2-4 soul at one time.

The Lakes of Rajasthan are capable of holding numerous boating activities like motor, sail, row, paddle etc. but one has to carry his own boats. The RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation) provides the facility of paddle boats only at many state Lakes.

Lakes to Boat

Rajasthan has got about 16 Lakes in total located in different districts and are mostly manmade under the supervision of the then kings with facilities that are why boating in Lakes of this state is extra famous. The famous ‘Sambhar salt Lake’, out of the whole water Lakes in India, is the chiefly visited and attracts the attention of substantial number of tourists because this Lake is the largest lake of salt in India situated in the area stretched  from Jaipur’s south-west to  Alwar’s North-east. The remaining Lakes are mentioned below with their names:

The above mentioned list has five lakes within Udaipur which means City of Udaipur has got five Lakes and owing to these Lakes this city is known as ‘the India’s lake city’. These are mostly manmade lakes which offer pleasurable boating experiences with adventure and ecstasy because of the different themes of these Lakes.  Highly adventure based water grafting extends the adventurous boating experiences. The Government of Rajasthan has provided all the facilities to personnel’s opting for boating in the state of Rajasthan. Government has given other services to boating enthusiasts to make water boats a safe and enjoyable experience.

General Cost

The best way to manage the boating cost, follow the footsteps of honeymooners who either engage a pedalo with 2-4 sitting capacity @ Rs 50/100 per 30 minutes or a lovingly flat Gondala like love boat Shikara having the capacity of two persons @ Rs 100 per 30 minutes.

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