For a traveller, the State of Rajasthan is no less than a study-in-contrast. There is this barren, huge, inhospitable, almost alien and eerie yet alluring Thar Desert on one hand. While there are beautiful green gardens constructed by the previous rulers of Rajasthan to contrast the harsh terrain and climate of the land on the other hand. Anyone who takes a stroll in these beautiful lush gardens is sure to put the heat of the desert into oblivion. Let us begin our walk into the best five gardens of Rajasthan.

The general impression of Rajasthan is that of parched desert land and the sight of such lovely green gardens with blooming flowers spreading out delightful fragrance and cool breeze giving a sensation of calmness is no less than surprising and gives a feeling of it being a mirage. They display how human has won over the unpleasant part of nature. It is fun to take a walk in the beautiful gardens that have lovely fountains and pavilions to adorn them.

Famous Gardens in Rajasthan:

Rani Padmini Garden, Chittorgarh

This lovely garden adorns the Chittorgarh Fort and was designed by Maharaja Sajjan Singh. This garden is named after the Queen of Chittor Padmini and is a testimony of her beauty with its visually alluring colourful flowers, a reservoir tank and ornate gateways. This garden is refurbished in a style more suitable to the modern times.

This garden also gives tribute to the sacrifice that the queen made to save her honour. The Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, on learning about the beauty of the Queen decided to invade the city. When their defeat was close, Chittor's warriors opened the Fort's gate and fought until their death. On hearing about this, the Queen and the other women in the palace decided to give up their life in a ceremonial suicide known as Jauhar to save them from be captivated alive by the enemy.

Gulab Bagh

The literal meaning of the name of this garden is "Garden of roses". Its location is in Udaipur's Sajjan Niwas Park. This garden was also constructed by Maharaja Sajjan Singh around late nineteenth century. Gulab Bagh is famous for housing each type of rose that exists in this world. This lovely garden is home to the Saraswati Bhawan Library (previously known as Victoria Hall) and also one toy train. This garden is necessary visit place for rose lovers and no less than a celebration of this flower, which conveys the message of friendship and love since time immemorial.

Sisodia Rani ka Bagh

This garden is located on Agra-Jaipur route. It is like an oasis in the barren and dry landscape of Jaipur. This garden was laid for the wife of Sawai Jai Singh who was the ruler of the city. She was from the royal family of Udaipur. The primary motive of the garden was to ease the pain of homesickness of the Queen who longed for the natural beauty and lush greenery of her hometown. A thing, which she missed the most in Jaipur. The garden is full of sweet smelling flowers and plants along with herbs and also the paintings and murals on it that depict Radha and Krishna's love story.

Sahelion Ki Bari

It is a very well laid garden and has huge green lawns and walkways in shades close to the spectacular Fateh Sagar Lake. It was laid in the eighteenth century by Maharana Sangram Singh for forty-eight 'sahelis' of a princess who accompanied her from Udaipur as a portion of the dowry. There are four pools and many fountains that beautify the garden.

Ram Niwas Garden

This garden is located in the city of Jaipur. Initially this garden was a project for famine relief started by Jaipur's Maharaja Ram Singh II. It was created in the year 1868. Within its huge complex, there is a herbarium, a greenhouse, a museum, an aviary, a zoo and many sports grounds. Exclusively noted for the Indo-Saracenic structure is the Albert Hall Museum. In order to add to the garden's aesthetic value and utility addition of Rabindra Manch, an auditorium, an amphitheatre and a modern style art gallery have been made.

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