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Kumbhalgarh Festival

When you come to Rajasthan, you must plan your visit as such that you don't miss the Kumbhalgarh festival. This is the one festival that depicts the true cultural flavour of the state. There are performances like classical dances. The great architecture, museums, monuments and other fine arts of Rajasthan are exhibited during this festival which attracts thousands of international tourists as well who click away pictures to glory. During the day, the state wears a festive look with folk performances glorified by talented artists. The tourists who attend the festival are treated to some exciting competitions that make them lose themselves. The entire state is very joyous during the time of the festival.

The various dynasties that ruled Rajasthan, the different cultures of the royal family, their lifestyles, customs and rituals, music, inclination towards art, cuisine and the various entertainment sources they indulged in are clearly explained during this festival. This festival is mostly conducted in the month of January.

Activities of The Festival

On the first day of the festival, tourists are treated to a walk through selected heritage forts in Rajasthan where they are exposed to some of the brilliant architectural marvels of the state. The organisers of this festival explain about the rich history of the place to the tourists so that they get a feel of the ancient tradition of Rajasthan. Tourists are sure to be enthralled by some of the experts in action during the classical dance, tabla and vocal performances. Tourists are also treated to some interesting activities like turban tying, longest moustache, and mehendi designing competitions

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