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Shopping Places In Rajasthan

One of the paradises of shopping in India is in Rajasthan. Rajasthan offers a wide variety of productsthat range from paintings to handicrafts and to gems. Shopping in Rajasthan is like a treat for the shoppers.

Attracting tourists from all over the world, Rajasthan with all its bling and color is a place of tourist interest worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. People who travel to this state in India goes back home with shopping bags full and overloaded.The cities that bedazzle Rajasthan offer everyone a thing or two, whether is is pottery, jewellery, leather items, textiles,paintings,  wooden furniture,stone items, and a lot offurthergood-lookingpossessions with superbcreativity&artist craft which are justtoo hard to resist. Rajasthan a s a state and particularly as tourist and shoing haven has somehow continued toconserve its artistic and customaryarts that stand today as something unparalleledby that on any other state. Be it India or the global world.

Once in the state of Rajasthan whith your deep shopping cart, One has to look at the delicatesubstance of Blue terracottawhich cannot be found easily in any other part of the nation. The color Blue is formed mostlyoff the residues which are basically cobalt oxides and also copper oxides. These two compounds when used together in proportions which is why the pottery has a glamourised and bedazzled effect. In this day and ageYellow hues, shades of darkish blue and also those of brown are extensively used across the state. Prints with floral designs and their motifs of arabesque motifs along with figures of animalsbecome the principaltheme which is interweaved into the products. flower pots,Ashtray, jars and lampshades  are a handful of arcticles which enshrine the mark of Rajasthan and its ever glowing Blue Pottery.

There is something for every pocket in the state of Rajasthan. Other than the grand and elite emporiums, There are several local markets with a fleeing nature that cater to the lower budgeted tourists as well.

When it comes to the sphere of arts, craft and culture, Rajasthan is undoubtedly full of such wealth. everyera of its times past made severaldonation to this sphere.

Shopping for Traditional Paintings

The state of Rajasthan in India is well-knownbecause of theircustomarydrawing of works of art that comprises of portraits,miniature painting, loth Paintings and painting done on furniture. The best place to experience and buy these items areJodhpur, Jaipur,Kishangarh and Nathdwara. Apart from their elegant look, They are also popular for their light weight and easy way of carry.

Some of the things that one must specifically look for in the state of Rajasthan are Phad which arespoolsthat depictvariousstoriespertaining to Pabuji, Another interesting things is the Pichhwai which are basically paintings showing the times and the way of lifeof the holy Lord Krishna. Rajasthan as a cultural centre is furthermorerecognized for the severalschools of paintings, in the company ofparticularorientation towards the Kishangarh Painting School, where one may find outstanding miniatures paintings and duplicates of several paintings of the time gone by are still present.

If one is looking for them, they must visit the famous Swami Art, which is situatedclose to the Lalgarh Palace ofthe city of Bikaner. In the city of Udaipur, one must visit the famous Lake Palace Road near the Jagdish Temple to look and buy these exquisite painting. Nai Sarak is the perfectoptionto shop and look for such paintings in Jodhpur.

These painting fill in every pocket and vary their prices from somewhere around 200 upto 1,200 Rs.  The price of these paintings vary with their sizes.

Leather Shopping in Rajasthan

Another famous item to look for in Rajasthan are the products of leather. Jooties,Bags, pouches,  lampshades,chair backrests,water bottles and kopisare some of the famous products crafted from eather and contribute to the immensely wealth leather industry. The major places where one may pick up these extremely classy products are the cities of Jodhpur,Jaipur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer.  Their amount is not very high and depends pertaining to the designs.

The best places ofr them are the several shops in the vicinity of the famous Hawa Mahal. Further, Some more destinations in Jaipur include the Ramganj Bazaar and Link Road. Juti Corner which is converseof  the Jodhpur railway station is the best option with several others at Nai Sarak, Sojati Gate area and Mochiwada.

Blue Pottery

These are the most pprecious items that Rajasthan offers to the world and missing this would be a grave mistake for anybody visiting Rajasthan. In the erstwhile era, This piece of art was use as an adornment in rich and royal households but today have squeezed into the pockets of the common man too. nowadays theseproductscrafted in the art of blue pottery are accessible in numerousshades in yellow, green and pink.

The shops where you can buy items of blue pottery are - Rajasthali and other shops on MI Road and Amber Road in Jaipur. The Kripal Kumb in Bani Park and Neerja International  in C Scheme in Jaipur are also great place to buy blue pottery. The small hamlets of Sanganer, Mahalan and Neota are the places where you can but exquisite blue pottery items at a much lesser cost.

Lac Shopping

One of the recently famed article of the ancient state of Rajasthan, The Lac can be defined as a romanticrange of ornamentswhich arecrafted from crimsondischargeby a large amount of insect varieties. The assortment includes several shiny sorts of earrings and banglesin the company of pearls andgemstoneswhich areimplantedin its very core. Above and beyond these, at hand are a lot ofextrathingswhich have ben crafted by Lac.

For people visiting Rajasthan, this is one thing that is a must have in your closet. The ranges of the bangle vary from 50rs to 250 rs depending on the work and embellishment.

Jodhpur and Jaipur are the optimum places to shop for these ornament.  In Jaipur, Places like the Link Road and The Bapu Bazaarshould be sort after and in Jophur The Ghanta Ghar and The Lakhada Bazaar are meant for such products

Shopping for Textile in Rajasthan

He Rajasthani textiles are famed all around the globe and are thus considered to be a must have in your shopping cart. The Motifs which are printed by handwhich boast of their Block printing alongwith garmentsdesigned with the classical tie-and-dye method are the best product that Rajasthan can offer for your wardrobe.

Coming in a range that may fit every pocket, The Block Prints can be availed all through the state. The best buys under this tab include Chittorgarh’s Jajam prints, Barmer’s Ajrak, Embroidery and Batik work that has famedthe city of Jaisalmer. Another Hub of them are in Kota where these fine pices of clothes can be accessed from Rampura and Gumanpura Bazaar. If one wishes to own a traditional piece of handloom, One has to stopoverat the Village of Kithoon village situated at a small distance from the city of Kota.

The antique tie-and-dye garments in the state of Rajasthan encapsulates thework of Mukaish which uses silver wire as an embellishment, Another important item in the repertoire is the work of Marori when a wire of Gold is used to stitch.

Jewellery Shopping in Rajasthan

The royals of Rajputana have lent Rajasthan their regality which is why Rajasthan is a huge name when it comes to the sphere of jewellery. Amongst the many varieties of jewellery that originates in Rajasthan, One must particularlyhave a glanceat the Kundan fashion in the work of Meenakari. Haldiyon ka Raasta and Gopalji ka Raasta in the heart of Jaipur’s Johari Bazaar offers you the best options to shop for them.

One must ensure that the products buought by you reach and match the hallmarks of being genuine as several agents and middlemen offer fakes at higher rates.

Clay and Terracotta Products in Rajasthan

With each and every district having a unique and distinct style of pottery, This art is one that is practiced in Rajasthan since ages and continues to be prevalent and famous. The District of Alwar boasts of their Kagzi Potter while the district of Bikaner contributes with their products of terracotta and painted pottery.Horses and Other toys made of terracotta are some more products that Rajasthan have gifted to this country

These are ranges in a variety that varies from 1000 to as low as 80.

Other important shopping items -

  • Salim’s Paper offers a great variety of handmade papers , Also, In Sanganer, Handmade industries of Kalpana and are extremely famous. The KAdi Ghar and Chipaare the most sought after places to buy handmade papers in the entire city of Jaipur.
  • Handicrafts crafted entire of wood are available at Bassi which isin close proximity to Chittaurgarh. Apart from that the Lalji Handicrafts, Rajasthan Art Emporium, Shekhawati Art Emporium, and The Heritage Art School offer several products of wood including boxes, furniture etc in the heart of the Jodhpur city. One must take these wooden handicrafts back with themselves as collectibles and souvenirs.
  • Khajanewalon ka Raasta of  the capital city of Jaipur is extremely famous for its stone carved products. In addition to that Udaipur’s Shilpgram also serves quality products.
  • Shopping should have a separate space in your itinerary once you make your pilgrimage to Rajasthan .Take pleasure inthe tour of shopping and gather the essence of Rajasthan while you leave back with your bags full.


Like any other local, Bargain.No matter if you are buying artefacts, jewwlery or anything never miss to bargain. When buying ta local market one should always llok for bargains as most shopkeepers come down by 30 to even 50 percent of the actial price. The big shops particularly the nationalized shops don’t bargain and has a fixed and reasonable rate. While shopping otherwise don’t reveal your choices to the shopkeepers in a bargain deal, this would deny or lower any chance of striking a fair deal. Another tip that must be kept in mind is that you must make a decision about the price that would suit you and then start the bargain.

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