Rajasthan would have been dull place without the festivity of it’s fairs. In spite of therough weather and scorching sun of the desert land, the absolute will of human beings keep them in constant celebration.The folklores and the folk songs of Rajasthan are instilled with new life by romance, faith and gallantry of the Rajputs.The traditional fairs comprising of cultural performances and colorful costumes, are held all round the year to keep the tradition alive. Village women wearing heavy silver jewellery and hiding their faces behind the veilare seen here, apart from the music and dance. Wares- household items and beautifully designed handicrafts are sold by traders who gather here. Camels and cattle are here and also the competitions.

The romance, faith and valor of the bygone era of the stateare brought to life by the fairs of Rajasthan, India. In this way, the traditions and culture of Rajasthan is kept alive. Swarm of tourists as well as natives are attracted by these fairs all throughout the year. Every fair has a different purpose, such as some are organized fortrading purposes, some for religious purposes, etc. However, the trademark of all the fairs is common, whichis,celebration with music and dances.

The colourful fairs that are held almost round the year have made Rajasthan famous. The dull and harsh living conditions of Rajasthani people are brightened due to these fairs of Rajasthan. All these major fairs make Rajasthan vibrant and make it come alive.The sheer determination and the desire of the Indian people is reflected in these colourful fairs. The people of India are very resilient and know how to live in the harshest of conditions & the simple pleasures of live are of high value to them.They know how to live life even in the harshest conditions and know how to value these simple pleasures of life.

Major Fairs in Rajasthan

Banganga Fair

It is believed that, when Arjun, one of the Pandavas, shot an arrow to quench the thirst of dying BhishmaPitamah, who was a brave warrior and that he was badly wounded, the stream ofBanganga was formed.

Gogaji Fair

The KayamKhani Muslims are believed to be the descendants of the saint Gogaji. He is a prominent warrior-hero of the region. He is referred to as Goga Veer by Hindus while Jahar Peer by Muslims.

Jambheswar Fair

An avatar of Lord Vishnu himself, by the Bishnois, is considered to be Jambheswarji. He preached non-violence, truth and self-control. A temple of Jambheswarji is situated in village Mukam and other on the sand dune of Samarthal, that is, both near the town of Nokha.

Kaila Devi Fair

Kaila Devi fair is held at the temple of Kaila Devi, worshipped as the guardian deity by the Yadavas, the Khinchis, and the princess of Karauli, and considered one of the most revered fairs of Rajasthan.

Kapil Muni Fair

Kapil Muni Fair, named after the Kapil who was a great sage, and believed to have done 'tapasya' here,in Bikaner, for the redemption of mankind, is the largest fair of Bikaner. Kapil Muni is said to be the descendent of Lord Brahma (the creator of the world) himself and has been mentioned in Puranas also.

Karni Mata Fair

Karni Mata, believed to possess supernatural powers, led an abstemious life and dedicated herself to the service of the poor and unfortunate. The foundation of Deshnok was laid by her and ‘Charans’ are her main followers.

Khatu Shyamji Fair

The temple is visited by thousands of devotees during this annual fair, mostly for performing the ‘Jadula’ ceremony of their children, in which the child's head is shaven clean for the first time.

Mallinath Fair

Mallinath fair is one of the biggest cattle fairs of Rajasthan and is the most appropriate place to find the highly popular breeds of cattle such as cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses.

Sheetla Mata Fair

It is believed that epidemics spread, if the anger of Sheetla Mata is lost.To keep her pacified, this fair is held in her honor to make offerings to please her. A red stone represents the deity in the shrine.

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