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Film Locations In Rajasthan

The panoramic landscape of the state of Rajasthan attracts many film producers who make good use of the changing moods and colors of the desert skies and land and also the exotic flavor of the everyday life of the people to give an authentic backdrop to stories that are based in rural India.

The sheer variety of natural settings that are available and the artistic possibilities that they offer in creating the authentic atmosphere in a film many times makes the difference between good cinema and  great cinema. That is the main reason why some of the best directors of Bollywood as well as Hollywood have made some great landmark movies in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan offers everything what a movie-maker wants. The rolling sand dunes which exhibit different moods at different times of the day with the changing light are also different in different seasons. The rocky ridges of the Aravalli and the gentle slopes of the Vindhyanchal mountain ranges provide the right stimuli to the creativity of a director as he envisages the different scenes in his film. The historic forts and the magnificent palaces, the havelis and mansions are perfect for historical sagas and lend authenticity to the story being told. The simple lives of the local folk steeped in age-old customs and traditions, their music and dance, their simplicity; all add to the depth and reality of the story that the film wants to tell. From simple stories of love and longing set in the backdrop of the local traditions and rural life to heroic sagas of patriotism and sacrifice can be translated to the film medium with perfect and total ease.

Rajasthan offers inspiration to all the creative aspects of a film; the story line, the lyrics and music, the setting and the mood of the film making it touch the hearts of the viewers. No wonder so many great and unforgettable movies have been made here and continue to be made here.

Some of the best Indian historical films have been shot in various places in Rajasthan. In fact it is common now to see at least one song sequence of any Bollywood film shot in the forts or palaces of Rajasthan to offer the viewers some great viewing pleasure. Many Hollywood directors have also been attracted to Rajasthan for the very same reasons. Whenever the story needs an exotic location and the plot takes you to South Asia, Rajasthan is rightly selected as the outdoor locale where the film is shot. Hollywood films like Octopussy, Far Pavilions, Heat and Dust owe a lot of their success to the Rajasthan locale they were shot on. Bollywood films like Mughal-e- Azam, Lamhe, Gandhi and TV serials like Tipu Sultan have brought the scenic beauty of Rajasthan to the common people and increased the tourists footfall in Rajasthan.

Films Shot in Rajasthan

Some Tips for Film Shooting

In Rajasthan, one has to aim and shoot. Certain professional photographers tend to the following advice:-

  • Best times for photography are between 8 am and 10 am and from 4 pm to 6 pm, when the quality of the light is mellow yet rich.
  • Carry the films and memory cards of your choice, since these are not always available, especially in smaller towns.
  • There may be a small fee levied at some historic sites for the use of cameras.
  • In case of commercial assignments involving models, please take permission in advance.
  • Please respect people's sentiments so that they reciprocate in similar fashion.
  • Do not photograph women without their permission.
  • On religious festivals and family celebrations, use the camera only after specific consent and do not consider yourself as part of the community or family guests even when invited - please conduct yourselves discreetly.
  • Finally, don't be afraid to over-shoot (shoot as many pictures as you can). As your results will show, your camera cannot capture enough of Rajasthan.

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