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Rajasthan State Archives Bikaner

A Trip to the Rajasthan State Archives in Bikaner

If you are planning a trip to Bikaner then do not let the Rajasthan State Archives slip off your list. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city and it reflects the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Rajasthan. If you aren’t that ordinary tourist but the curious traveller who absorbs the minute details of the history and culture of a place you visit, then this is a treat for you. Your thirst for knowing the history of Rajasthan will be quenched when you pay a visit to this well arranged assortment of documents and proofs that played a major role in shaping and reshaping the history of India.

If you try to gauge the historical importance of the archive then the fact is it is priceless. Each and every document has an immense historical value. If any document get stolen or lost that will mean a part of Indian history can be lost alongwith it. Historians have given this museum international acclamation and people from all over the world come here to see the archives. Enthral your knowledge by visiting Rajasthan State Archives.

What does Archive Mean Exactly?

An archive in the historical context means any documents of any form that are the proof of what existed at a particular time. They are the strongest records of an era. They are of unimaginable important and use for the historians and researchers who derive the details of an era by studying these manuscripts and documents. The documents not only have a historical value but also economic, social, political and administrative worth in regards to a particular place. These archives are usually used for microfilming purpose by researchers or historians or they can be a part of a reference library.

An Overview of the Archives

If an overview is conducted in regards to the huge archive then there are still some loopholes that need to be sorted and arranged. E-cataloguing of preserved archives is very important because after a point of time keeping records manually becomes an onerous task. If we go into the bottom of the things, then four lakh Bahiya and 75,000 Patta records are still to be catalogued. There are uncountable Patta records and Persian Farmans that are to be scanned in order to preserve them. There are archives that are getting spoiled due to mishandling and lack of preservative methods. The more tourists visit the place, the more the authorities will become conscious and work hard to conserve the rare historical documents. Without adequate awareness the state government won’t shift their attention towards this place.

Data entry needs to be done for each and every document in order to keep its record safely. For maintaining the e-catalogue of the archive, each document should have a data alongwith the information as to what it is and an image. After the accurate digitization is done for the documents, the database would be formed and then it would be easier for the state department to handle the archive.

What will you find in the Rajasthan State Archives in Bikaner?

The headquarters of Rajasthan State Archives is in Bikaner and there are seven more branches in seven cities. The archives include Vakil Reports, Khatoot, Akbarat, Persian Farmans, Manshurs, Arzdashts, and Nishans.  The documents give a clear picture of Rajasthan was under the rule of various thrones such as the Mughals, Mauryas, Chauhans and the British. Some records also reflect the rule of local tribes. The documents also consist of the records that were compiled during the inception of the princely states Parwanas, Chithiats, Pattas, Bahiat and Rukkas. Each document has its own specific significance in respect to the era it belongs to and it reflects the socio-political, economic, cultural and administrative picture of that time in Rajasthan.

The museum provides research rooms as well as microfilming and reference library facility for historians and researchers.

The gallery that is for public is immensely huge and comprises of some fascinating documents. Most of us learn what is a Vakil Report or an Akbarat for the first time when we visit the exhibitory. Your history lessons can get literally brushed up after a visit.

How to Reach the Rajasthan State Archives Museum in Bikaner

When you visit Bikaner, ask anyone where the State Archives museum is. And in case you need a couple of landmarks, the Gopinath temple and Government Press Building are at a stone’s throw from this place. You can hire a car for local sight-seeing in Bikaner and this same car can take you to the Rajasthan State Archives. On the way you can also pay a visit to the Gopinath temple and pay homage. The Government Press Building is not for ransom tourist visit but you can definitely throw a glance of admiration when you cross it. If you are rigid on the pocket pinch factor and prefer travelling by local transport then you can take a bus to the spot.

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