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Archaeological Museum Udaipur

Ahar is very small town that is located 3 kilometers from the Rajesthani District Udaipur. The Centographs of Mewar rules as well as the Museum mark the highlights of the place. In today's modern world, this place is now a very interesting archaeological site which offers facts to research scholars as well as archeologists. The tourist attractions here are the famous for the archeological museums and royal cenotaphs of the Rulers. A person can reach thus places either by a public transport like the bus or even taxis.

The people can come see the cenotaphs of the kings who ruled the Mewar at that point. Ahar itself has around 19 cenotaphs of the various kings whose cremation was done there. The arch roof and striking columns which are raised on big platforms is where the memorial monuments are. To remind us of the 15th century, the roof's architrave have been embellished with ornaments. In one of the single upright stone out of the architraves, you can get to see an image of Lord Shiva and the figure which represents Maharana and his satis or wives who died by sitting on the same flames as the cremation.

The most arresting cenotaph is the one that has been dedicated to Maharana Amar Sing. The other centographs includes centographs which are dedicated to Fateh Singh, Swaroop Singh, Bhupal Singh, Maharana Snagram Singh, Bhagwat Singh , Sajjan Singh and Shambhu Singh. The centographs are made from marble and one can also see an integrity detailing in the carvings. The cenotaph which belongs to Maharaja Sangram Singh is something that catches everyone's eye and the porch rests on 56 pillars. There are 8 small pillars in the center. This was the place where Maharana Sangram Singh along with his 21 wives was cremated.

The place's charm has also been seen in many Hollywood movies. right inside the complex, a person can get to see some intricate and small tombs of the past. All these findings strongly support the fact that this little town Ahar played a very important role during the era's that passed by. Arvind sing Mear in the late 1990's took an initiative to reinstate his ancestors cenotaphs. The findings of the past have always been an interest for people to know as it reflects the cultural aspect of the place. It speaks volumes about what went down in that particular places' history as well as the different important and life changing events that made a mark. Due to these findings, the Ahar Archeological Museum now  has resulted in it being one of the major tourist attraction for visitors who come there. There is also a small museum very close to complex which holds a rare and unique collection of antiques which also reflect the same

The Ahar Archeological Museum

Another place which is gaining the attention of all who visit there is the Ahar Archeological Museum which is in Ahar. This is an initiative that has been taking by the Government to ensure that the items which have been found are preserved. This Museum is the house to the rarest and unusual antiques that back dates to as far as the 10th century. Here a person can see different kinds of artifacts, objects made from iron, earthen pots etc which was a part of the primordial people's lifestyle. Though the collection is not that much however it is worth every minute that is spent there.

The archeological department of Rajasthan is making continuous efforts by excavating and collecting different things which can catch a person's eye. One such thing is the uniqueness of the earthen pottery. While some of the things that are present there also belong to 1700 BC, you can also a find the metal statue of Lord Buddha which is one of the eye cithers there. In the various sculptures that have been found, the Vishnu - Nag- Nathan statue is one which cannot be missed.

Some other findings which are displayed in the Ahar Archeological Museum has been excavated from Dhulkot. It is said to be that Dulkhot is a very old township that goes back 4000 years. Here you will get to see objects like grain pots, stone weights in the shape of animal figures, skin scrubbers as well as seals and balls that go back to the 1st century BC. Other additions of the museum also include big earthen pots, remnants of pottery as well as Terracotta toys. Thus to conclude, you can say that the museum does hold some of the best and rare relics of the olden days and it is worth a visit.

Timings of the Museum

The Ahar Archeological Museum is opened from 10 AM to 4 PM. It is closed on public holidays like Dussera, Diwali, Rakshabhan, Holi etc.

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