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Bharatpur Covernaient Museum

The land of Rajasthan is impeccably bestowed with rich culture and traditions made known to the world through the courageous and chivalrous acts of the maharajas and rulers of different regions. Many of these rulers were big patrons of architecture and arts. As a result, during their respective eras, plenty of structures were constructed and many events took place. Their history is worth preserving and this can be best done with the help of museums, where items related to the rulers can be preserved. For this reason, where history has unfolded continuously and rapidly, there are plenty of museums seen. In the city of Bharatpur, lies one such museum which is exclusively dedicated to the archaeological findings in the regions of this Jat stronghold. Presently, Bharatpur has been included in the National Capital Region, but in the past, it was an impregnable city and the capital city of Jat Kingdom. It is also the eastern gateway of Rajasthan. Near to the city of Bharatpur is also the famous Keoladeo National park.

About Bharatpur Covernaient Museum

Bharatpur Covernaient Museum is presently located inside the strongly built Lohagarh fort in Bharatpur, which is one of the most imposing structures of the entire city. Lohagarh Fort was constructed in mid 18th century, possibly during the rule of Maharaja Suraj Mal, who had also constructed many important buildings and palaces in Bharatpur. Inside the fort, there are many imposing structures like Kishori Mahal, Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas and various other towers. One building among these was the huge palatial building of Kachahari Kalan, which was the office for administration of the Bharatpur state. It was in 1944 that this building was converted into a museum and named as Bharatpur Covernaient Museum. Since the British forces had tried to take over the Lohagarh fort in the early 19th century, they formed an alliance and compromised. In later years, they set up this museum to showcase the history of Bharatpur and its rulers.

The building of Kachahari Kalan had been converted into Bharatpur Covernaient Museum, while the upper floor of Kamra Khas was added later as part of the museum. Inside the museum, there are plenty of items retrieved from excavations around the Bharatpur state. Most of these are archaeological excavations. Gradually, over a period of years, further additions were done to the collection. Nearby villages of Bareh, Mailah, Noh, Banyan and few others were dug for different kinds of relics which were preserved in the Bharatpur Covernaient Museum. As a result, this museum is worth visiting for its rich collection of sculptures, many of which depict the life and living of the local Jat rulers for over 500 years.

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