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Alwar Government Museum

The different Museums

There are a variety of museums which exhibit various minds of interesting historic things. These museums consists of varied exhibits gives you the sense of the rich history and the cultural diversity. Alwar also shares the adventurous history through the most visited museum of the state. During the state tour, the Alwaz Government Museum is a must visit.

The Alwar Government Museum

The Alwar Government Museum beautifully nested in the City Mahal. The cultural heritage is reflected in this museum, which was established in 1940. The then Royal family donated their entire collection to the museum consisting 11 inscriptions, 234 sculptures, 35 metal objects, 9702 coins, 2270 arms & weapons, 1809 objects of local art, crafts and musical instruments and 2565 paintings & manuscripts.

The museum also contains a variety of writings and beautiful paintings on palm leaves by Kings and scholars. Here a person can also see the different kinds of weaponry used in the battles between the Rajputs and the Mughals are depicted in the drawings and paintings

The museum consists of three sections each with large halls.

The First Section of the Museum

The first section of the museum consists of archeological findings. Here a person can get to see exquisite and valuable inscriptions as well as sculptures. They reflect a good idea of the different historic findings of the region.

The Second Section of the Museum

Being the important of all consisting Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and Urdu manuscripts, few of the rare Persian documents to be found here are Bostan (the Garden of Spring), Waqlat-e-babri (Mughal emperor Babar’s autobiography) and Gulistan of S’adi (the Garden of roses)

Customs of the Royal

Hunting and shooting excursions were amongst the customs of the Royals. The museum also has sizeable collections of skins of leopards, tigers and lions shot by the former ruler of Alwar.

The armory section

The third section

The third section has Indian armory that includes silver dining table with lion’s leg, shields, swords, daggers, ivory, pistols, rifles, and many other kinds of weapons which was used in the earlier days.

Other Attractions

One of the major tourist attractions is the copy of Mahabharata by Alwar School of painters. Other museum exhibits includes pottery and brass work, musical instruments from places like Jaipur, Ceylon, Bengal and Multan.

The Royal Elegance

The Alwar Government Museum is one of its kinds to maintain the Royal elegance. It has artifacts from some of the famous Kings like the sword of Akbar, Aurangzeb and Mohammad Ghori. It also has a Peacock shaped Sitar in its display.

The Entree Fee

For Indians the fee would be Rs. 5/- per head and for foreigners it would be Rs. 10/-. On Mondays the entry is free


The Museum is open from 10AM to 5PM every day. It is closed on Friday and public holidays.

Visit Duration

The visit duration is for one hour per head.

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