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Brij Vilas Palace Museum Kota

Without visiting the museums in Rajasthan, tour itineraries are not completed. In the confines of different cities of Rajasthan, there are plenty of palaces which are worth looking at. In yesteryears, the charms of these palaces were incredible as kings and queens and their royal members basked in the glory of such forts and palaces. Their legacy has now been preserved in these palaces, many of them in form of museums. One such palace of the past, which presently is a museum, is the Brij Vilas Palace Museum located in the third largest city of Rajasthan, Kota. Kota is a city on the Chambal River banks. It is a large trade centre for various agricultural and industrial products. In Kota, a number of palaces can be seen, along with beautiful gardens. Prior to 17th century, Kota was included under the kingship of Bundi, but thereafter, it became a princely state during which some of the rulers constructed beautiful palaces on these serene surroundings by the Chambal River.

About Brij Vilas Palace Museum

Brij Vilas Palace Museum is located in the city of Kota, which was previous a palace. In the present days, this museum is also known as the Government Museum as it is managed by the government of Rajasthan. Majority of the artefacts seen in Brij Vilas Palace Museum Kota belong to the locality and hence, is a rich tribute to the rulers of Kota and Bundi kingdoms. Since the place was ruled by Hadoti dynasty since long, the Palace was built by them probably around 12th and 15th century AD. Similarly, many of the beautiful fresco works and cenotaph structures were constructed during their rule. Prior to the establishment of the museum in Brij Vilas Palace, the collections were kept in Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. When the Government of Rajasthan decided to put a separate perspective to the rulers of Kota, these collections were shifted to the present location and the Brij Vilas Palace Museum was established. This museum is located in Kota by the side of Kishore Sagar Lake.

Collections in Brij Vilas Palace Museum Kota

Most remarkable thing about the collections of artefacts in Brij Vilas Palace Museum Kota is the concentration of the artefacts with the theme of Kota and its history. Rarely is such a collection found in any museum which brings forth the heritage of the local culture. For this purpose, the museum has been divided into different sections. Archaeological findings, coins, paintings, weaponry and other sections detail the era of the erstwhile kings of Kota, who belonged to the Hadoti and Bundi dynasties.

Weapons used by the Kota kings during wars and their manufacturing units are preserved in the museum. These include swords and guns which have enamelling and inscriptions. Statues have been excavated from the region of Kota and include some of those which were made by the famous sculptors of those times. One can also see a wide range of documents, manuscripts and books belonging to the Hadoti era, which also provide a peek into the history of this region.

Brij Vilas Palace Museum Kota is supposedly one of the best maintained museums in Rajasthan and it is unique in the sense that majority of the collections belong to the region. It clearly reflects the rich culture and heritage of the local rulers, ranging from items belonging to the 12th and 13th century AD till the modern day, when Kota was declared as a princely state. Hence, a visit to this museum surely allows tourists to come across a lot of details and history of the region.

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