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Government Museum Of Mandore

The Government Museum of Mandore, Rajasthan has a huge historic importance and is one of the places that tourists to this part of the country make a point to visit. The museum is a part of the famous Janana Mahal of Mandore and is located at a short distance of eight kilometers from Jodhpur.


Mandore was the capital of Marwar region of Rajasthan during ancient times and is a magnificent city known for its strikingly beautiful gardens and abundant scenic beauty. Tourists are amazed by the sheer numbers of monkeys visible in the city spread all over the place, literally. The Government Museum is located in the Mandore Gardens and displays some of the most priceless artifacts that reflect the rich and vibrant history of the region.

The Janana Mahal inside which the museum is located was originally built for the convenience of the ladies of the Rajasthan royalty of yore during the period of 1671 to 1724 A.D by the Maharaja of Mandore. This is the place that was later developed as the museum.

What to Look for Inside the Museum

The Government Museum of Mandore is home to some of the most exquisitely carved idols of various Hindu goddesses and gods. One of the key attractions among the idols is that of a dancer which historians believe is from the 12th century AD. Another important piece of attraction in the museum is the engravings depicting the Krishna Leela, which is entirely carved on a huge stone. This stone was retrieved from the excavation carried out in Kiradu. The Museum of Mandore is also popular from the stunning architecture which brilliantly depicts the engravings in the Chattris, Ek Thamba, Devals and Dalan towers.

Natural History is a division of the museum attracts large crowds of visitors. It houses an eleven feet long crocodile and an African Bison. Visitors can also have a grand view of the paintings that capture the life and times of the Royals of Jodhpur. One full division of the museum is devoted to the Raga-Raginis. This is where the famous miniature illuminated paintings of the museum are displayed.

How to Reach

By Road

Mandore is located just nine kilometers from the city of Jodhpur and can be reached easily by road using private cabs and taxis. There are state run buses also plying on the route.

By Rail

Jodhpur is an important junction in the North Western zone of Indian Railways and is well connected to all major cities of India.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jodhpur which is five kilometers from the main city. There are taxis and auto rickshaws available to take visitors from the airport to the city.

Visiting Time

The Government Museum of Mandore is closed for public viewing on all Fridays and all public holidays. On all other days the museum is open from 1000 Hrs to 1630 Hrs.

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