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Rajasthan Arabic And Persian Research Institute Tonk

India has long been a country known for its diversity in culture, tradition, human race and most importantly language. The sub continent is enriched with languages culminating from various different parts and regions of India. Persian and Arabic language is no exception to this culmination. The Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute is the primary institute which dealt with promoting and restoring these two languages respectively in India. The institute is located in Tonk which is a town in Rajasthan and it engages itself in teaching the Persian and the Arabic languages to students from various parts of the world. The institute has been known worldwide and it attracts educationalists and common people from every nook and corner of the globe.

Rajasthan has been the centre of Persian and Arabic manuscripts for years with the advent of them in the sub continent. Therefore the establishment of this institution was initiated to store and preserve these priceless manuscripts with immense historic value. These manuscripts have undoubtedly enriched our culture and history all the more in the face of earth. The institute was established in the year 1978 with the help of the Government of Rajasthan and over the years it has gained acclaimed reputation both nationally and also internationally. Eminent personalities like Nobel laureates, educationalists, theorists and linguistics have made it a point to visit this institution at least once in their lifetime. The aim, objectives and achievements of the institution has attracted litterateur people from different parts of the globe.


The Persian and Arabic Research Institute, which the Directorate has later named it after Maulana Abul Kalam Azad during his centenary celebration in 1989, is situated in Tonk- a valley between two historic hills of Annaporna and Rasiya. The institute is situated 100kms away on the southern side of Jaipur. Travelling to Tonk from Jaipur can only be done through bus services and the climatic condition of the area is quite dry. The building is constructed on a huge campus and the interior premises has a demarcated are known as the Scholar’s Guest house which is further divided into 8 rooms, properly furnished.

Literary Collection

The Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute proudly exhibits a priceless collection of 28188 printed books, 8087 manuscripts, 12957 old magazines and 674 Faramin in Urdu language belonging to the Tonk state. Along with this it has restored almost all the judgement files of the Shariat record,the written documents and manuscripts of Munshi Khana Huzuri, Asnad and Tughrajat  and also many valuable and intricate calligraphic art.

The literary collection of the Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute dates back to the 5th century during the era of Hijra- all of them in Persian, Arabic and even Urdu. The collection contains all the original manuscripts along with the translated and edited ones. The subject of these paper works are mainly of the Quran, philosophy, history, medicine, astrology, literature and also different versions as perceived by the holy saints.

The Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute owe its collection to Wazir Ul Mulk and late Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan who was the ruler of the Tonk state. Majority of the collection of the institute was done by them in the year 1867 and later in 1946 it was all transferred to the library known as the District Library by Nawab Saddat Ali Khan. This transfer was done after Rajasthan was formed as an independent state.

Apart from preserving, restoring and conservation of the Persian and Arabic manuscripts and documents which are priceless in terms of historic value they also organise seminars for people coming from different parts of the world. Along with such events they also release an annual journal based on these papers in different languages such as Hindi, English, and Urdu and definitely in Persian and Arabic too. till date the institute has been able to publish 59 of these publications.

Timings and Tickets

The entry to the Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute is free and is accessible for visits on all days from 9 am in the morning till 5pm in the evening. Entry is not allowed only on Sundays and other notified public holidays. Entry to the institute does not require any additional fees. However, the maintenance of the Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute is very poor and therefore visitors and tourists must make sure that they do not engage themselves in any kind of vandalism inside the institute. The institute is a strong possessor of cultural heritage and therefore its maintenance lies in the hands of the people who understand the value of it.

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