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Government Museum Jodhpur

The Government Museum of Jodhpur is a popular place of attraction for visitors as it offers them a detailed insight into the rich history and culture of the ancient past of the region. Popularly known as the Sardar Government Museum after Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur, the museum is located in the center of the Umaid Public Garden, which is just five kilometers away from the main city on the High Court Road.


The Government Museum of Jodhpur was built in 1909 by Maharaja Umaid Singhji and was opened to the public in 1936. The museum has an interesting compilation of artifacts that is reminiscent of the rich history of the region. The brilliant architecture is due to the genius mind of Henry Vaughan Lanchester, an Edwardian architect of immense repute.

What to Look for Inside the Museum

The museum has a splendid range of collectibles from the past that includes local arts and crafts, miniature portraits, textile fabrics and weapons used during ancient times. The museum also has images of popular Jain Tirthankars. Visitors throng the place to have a view of stuffed animals and birds which are displayed alongside the thorny bushes in glass cases.

The museum has marked out a separate section for displaying military equipment such as wooden planes and brass battleships. This section is frequented by a very curious and knowledgeable audience eager to know more about the types of armory used by the forces of that era. Visitors can also visit the public library and zoo that’s situated near the main museum building.

The archaeological section of the government museum has on display a wide collection of armory, art and craft and items of historical importance. They include about 400 sculptures of stone, 10 ancient inscriptions, thousands of miniature paintings, about a dozen attractive terracotta, numerous metallic objects, arms, ancient coins and other miscellaneous objects.

How to Reach

By Road

Jodhpur has a private bus stand from where many buses ply towards the city at fairly high frequency. Visitors can use the services of buses of Rajasthan State Transport Corporation or private buses that connect the city to other prime tourist destinations in the region. Taxis, rickshaws and horse carts are also available for transportation by road.

By Rail

Jodhpur Railway Station is located in the center of the city and forms a part of the North Western Railways. There are several trains that connect the city to various other parts of the state and other main cities of the country.

By Air

Jodhpur Airport is located about 5 kilometers from the main railway station and is a civil enclave airport that’s managed by the Indian Air Force. Many private aircrafts takeoff and land here which helps connects the city by air other districts of the state and key capitals.

Visiting Time

The Government Museum of Jodhpur is open on all days of the week except Fridays from 1000 Hrs to 1700 Hrs. The entry fee of Indians is INR 5 and for foreign tourists it is INR 50.  

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