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Bairat Virat Nagar Museum

Capital of the famous Matsayadesh, Virat Nagar is also the birth place of Mahatma Ramchandra Veer who was known to be a Great cow lover. He was the person who took a lot of trouble to stop the killing of animals in different temples of India. He is also the person who the Panchkhand Oeeth. A devotee of Shastra Pandit called Hanuman, he has also written the Ramayana in Hindi named Ram Katha Amrit, Humare Hanuman, Vijay Pataka and Vinash ke Marg. History has always had something to reflect upon. Be it the fine work or the craftsmanship or even the kind of materials that were used, it shows how the ancient people were good at what they did. From fine carvings, to paintings that can speak a thousand words to even the kind of art effects as well as the arms and amours that were used. It never sees to stop amazing us. In the Bairat Virat Nagar Museum, once can get the same experience

Galleries and Exhibits of the Museum

Else known as Bairat Virat nagar museum,  the museum does not have a large prosperous collection however one can find the materials that have been dug out which are similar to pikkins, seals, old coins, potteries, metallic pieces, statues and weapons are all available as exhibits.

There have been findings found in Matsayadesh which goes back to the great Indian epic - the Mahabharata. During this epic age, the district of Jaipur, Bhatpara and Alwar were all known as Matsayadesh and the capital was Virat Nagar. The Kingdom became a part of the Mauryan Empire later on. One can also find a Buddhist Chaitya ( Chapel) called the Bijak  ki pahadi which goes back to the 3rd century BCE. This is one of the oldest Buddhist structures that is present in India till date which is free standing. There is also a timber and wood shrine as well as a rock-cut which goes back to the Mauryan period from Emperor Asoka.

The Virat Nagar museum was the legendary Matsayadesh capital. During the epic period, the surrounding areas like Alwar, Jaipur and Bhagalpur collectively was known as Matsayadesh. Materials like old coins, metallic pieces, potteries, weapons, pikkins ad even statues can be seen here.


Visitors can come and see the place anytime between 10 AM to 4:30 PM. It is closed on Fridays as well as public holidays like Diwali, Holi, Independence Day, and various other festivals


The entry fee for Indians is Rs. 3/- while for foreigners it is Rs. 10/-

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