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Govt Museum Kota

In order to preserve Rajasthan's royal heritage, several palaces and forts have been transformed into museums, art galleries as well as archaeological sites. Government museum in Kota is one such treasured museum that calls for a visit on your Rajasthan tour. Located close to Kishore Sagar, this museum in Kota carves a niche for its stone idols, sculptural fragments, miniature paintings and third century inscriptions. Those with an archeological bent should make it a point to visit the museum on a leisure trip.

On your visit to this museum, the primary things that would captivate your eyes are objects of historical and scientific significance. The museum runs with a non-profit motto; its objective is not to make money but rather to encourage students to identify the treasured resources of Rajasthan.

Tourists across the globe come here to witness the marvelous art works that have been exhibited in this museum. Rare artifacts and miniature paintings, of this museum leave the tourists spellbound. The sculpture gallery remains the prime attraction of the government museum in Kota. Several ancient sculptures are exhibited in the archaeological section of this museum.

The antiques as well as the valuable collection of artifacts are a visual treat, which have lured hundreds of tourists to visit this museum. In other words, it makes a good start for researchers, art connoisseurs, historians, and tourists to explore the rich and varied treasures of this royal city.


The museum is noted for its marvelous sculptures. But then, among the many, the statue from Baroli is the most unbelievable one. The sculpture is noted for its miraculously carved artwork. Most of statues present here are ancient and date back to the 4th century. The museum also houses an image of Ramgarh, Vardhaman dancing pair. Besides, one can also find the third century Yupa pillars which showcase the well-known Vedic rites. Most of these sculptures date back to the fourth century Gupta era. Additionally, the coins of various dynasties are also displayed in the archaeological section.

Paintings Section

To have a taste of medieval Indian culture, one can also visit the painting section. The painting section displays various miniature paintings of Nathdwara, Kota and Bundi schools. The paintings showcased here speak about the creative minds of the medieval era people. Besides, visitors will also find exceptional handicrafts and costumes in the museum.

The Manuscripts Section

It showcases different Sanskrit manuscripts including the Vedic, Astronomical as well as Astrological works. Certain Hindi manuscripts have also been treasured in the museum.  Additionally, the manuscript section also displays cultural aspects of Kota area through charts, photographs, and maps.

Timings and Ticket

You can visit the museum on all days excluding Fridays. Besides, the museum also remains closed on State Government holidays. On other days, you can visit the museum between 10.00 A. M. to 5.00 P.M.  You need to pay an entry fee of INR 5 to visit the museum. Photography is strictly prohibited within the premises and you may have to pay a fine if you violate the rules and regulations.

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