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Desert Cultural Centre And Museum Jaisalmer

Historical museums are very much important in the present day scenario as they reflect the stories from the past. For all those people who are interested to know about the history of a place, a visit to the nearest museum can be very fruitful. This predicament is justified and applicable most for the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum Jaisalmer. The town of Jaisalmer owes its history to over 900 years back, when the first kingdom was supposedly set up by Jaisal kings in the midst of the desert of Thar. Even though the desert was commonly utilised by caravans to carry out trading activities in India and neighbouring countries, the thought of starting an independent kingdom was first imbibed by the Rajput king, Maharawal Jaisal Singh. He built the Jaisalmer Fort, within which a number of palaces and buildings were constructed to start an independent kingdom. Over the years, many beautiful structures were built by his successors. Bhatti Rajput clan was the most powerful group in this region and had their rule till the 19th and 20th century, even after declaration of Jaisalmer as a princely state. During all those years, plenty of events happened and many successors ascended to the throne of Jaisalmer. In order to capture the essence of their rule and the lifestyle of people in the older days, This Museum would be the best place to visit.

Location and Establishment

It was in the same period of establishment of Folklore Museum Jaisalmer that the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum was set up by Mr Nand Kishore Sharma. Both these museums are close together, a little distance from South East of Jaisalmer Fort, near the Gadi Sagar Lake in the Mehar Bagh Garden. Even, tourists can visit both the places on the same ticket nowadays. NK Sharma was himself a collector of items from the culture of Rajasthan, especially from Jaisalmer and his contributions in the museum are many, especially the art works and coins.

About Desert Cultural Centre and Museum

Located in Jaisalmer, the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum is one of the finest and most adulated historical museums of present times. Inside the premises are preserved some of the most interesting artefacts and displays related to the city of Jaisalmer and its growth through centuries. In order to get the best idea about the city as well as other parts of Rajasthan, people can visit this Museum in Jaisalmer and get extensive knowledge about its rulers, people and their lifestyles. Kings and queens of the medieval and modern days lived a grand lifestyle, patronising the local artisans and folk culture. Their lifestyle can be found in many of the sections into which this centre has been divided.

Plenty of original manuscripts, scriptures and art work are found in the museum. From these, one can easily come across the different descendants of the Bhatti Rajput clan. Coins, which were used in their times for trading are displayed in different varieties, according to their chronological order. Various kinds of arms and ammunitions are also displayed in this section of armoury, which were used by the kings and their soldiers. Craft and artistic skills of the artisans of Jaisalmer can be found in this region. Various musical instruments and folk dance related costumes can be found in the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum Jaisalmer. Since the desert folk songs and dances were very much famous in the medieval era, the puppet shows depict these cultures in the museum. Costumes of the erstwhile maharajas and maharanis can be found in their full details in this museum. Utensils and coins in use during the rule of the kings are reflective of their customs and their lifestyle. Kitchen tools and culinary tools can be found here, while the Rajasthani arts are presented in the walls, which belonged to painters from different era. There are sculptures made from sandstone and terracotta, collected from different regions of Rajasthan and also from Jaisalmer.

During trips to various tourist destinations in Rajasthan, the tourists make it a point to go to the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum Jaisalmer. This place is a common inclusion in most of the tour itineraries. A visit to this place gives a vivid idea and knowledge about the culture of the state and more specifically a peek into the lifestyles of the common man and the kings in the past days.

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