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Do you know where Dalai Lama lives? The place is popularly known as McLeodGanj and this is perfectly positioned at a place known as Upper Dharamsala. The city got its name from the famous personality of David McLoed. He became the Governor of Punjab when the British were ruling India. Punjab was then considered as the main functional point making it flexible for the Tibetan Government who was then in complete exile. McLeodGanj is popular as Tibetan cross section and it is even considered as a prime learning centre resembling Tibetan culture and even stands for Buddhist dharmas and the most renowned rituals based on Buddhism. The other name for McLeodGanj is little Lhasa thereby emphasizing Buddhist authority in certain parts of the land.

McLeodGanj is ever renowned as a hill station and it has a height of about 1700 meters. It is a perfect elevation in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. The locale has been made an interesting point of view with assorting temples, edifices and monasteries. Here you have a temple known as Tsuglagkhang and this one is dedicated in the name of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha, Padmasambhava and Avlokitesvara. The atmosphere is made all the more enchanting with perfect Buddhist religious norms and a sort of ideal lifestyle based on Buddhist deciphering. The place acts as a citadel of wonder and beauty as Mother Nature bestows the best of natural wealth at the place.

Tourists even come to the place to have a look at TIPA, elaborately known as Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. You can even take part in the fabulous festival being held for ten continuous days. At the time you can indeed have enjoy theatrical performances, musical shows, dance, drama and what not. In fact, the month of May experiences a real fiesta.

McLeodGanj has the main income from tourism. Here you would be glad to find an array of Buddhist handicrafts and the sorts of thangkas and garments do resemble the artistic zeal and culture of the place. The Namgyal Monastery is a great thing to see at the place. You would even gaze at the architectural excellence of the St. John and the Anglican Church in the wilds and they are real representations of the neo gothic art forms. This is an ideal destination for the Buddhists to come and spend some quality time.

Famous Attractions in McLeodGanj

Namgyal Monastery

 At the place you can have a go with the Namgyal Monastery. This bears a portion of the Tsuglag Khang. You can refer this as the religious hub located adjacent to the home of Dalai Lama who stands as the religious head of the Tibetan Government. The monastery is among natural bounty and it is an ideal spot among oaks, pines and cedars. With the monastery you can genuinely contemplate at the kind of Tibetan architecture.

The Tsuglagkhang

One can even take a look at the Tsuglagkhang Complex in McLeodganj. This is again a sacred edifice standing next to the home of Dalai Lama. You find the complex in a sort of locale from where you can easily view the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. You have the adjoining most beautiful pine forest endowed with natural wealth and the kind of atmosphere is absolutely quiet and tranquil.

Tibet Museum

It is known that the Tibet Museum is referred to as the first contemporary Dharamsala Museum. The museum has been established inside a massive plinth locale and you have distinct zones for displays, meetings and various sorts of cultural presentations. Once you look at the Museum you can immediately sense the kind of Tibetan architectural manifestation with perfect contemporary constructional blending.

Best Time to Visit McLeodGanj

The wholesome climate of McLeodganj is really commendable, and it remains the same all throughout the year. However, the ideal time for you to visit the place would be from the middle of September to June.

  • Starting from February till December, the months remain extremely cold during the winter season. Due to heavy snowfall you find most of the regions covered with ice flakes. This is the best time for you to come here to spend a romantic vacation.
  • Here the summers are absolutely temperate. The temperature ranges between 22°C to 38°C and this is the best time for you to go about visiting places. You can even take interest in activities like paragliding and trekking. Places which are high are snow covered for the kind of perfect entertainment you are sure to have.
  • Starting from July to the middle of September, rain showers are extremely heavy and this is definitely not the best time to roam about for visiting the places of attractions. Once it is middle of September rain discontinues and you are at complete relief.
  • At the place autumn continues from the middle of September till November. This is the best time travelers can avail for to go about watching sights and taking part in several adventurous activities.

McLeodganj is capable of experiencing all seasons. The summers are cool, and the winters are cold and the monsoon is extremely soothing. From February till March is the best time when tourists come here to participate in the most popular Loser Festivity. Here you would just love the sort of exhibit and pomp and the ritual dances make events more special and worth remembrance.

How to Reach

By Air

If you want to reach McLeodganj, the closest airport would be Gaggal. However, this is even known as the Dharamsala Airport. The airport stands at a distance of ten kilometers from the place. You have flight services from Kulu and Delhi three times in a week and these are flights meant to reach Gaggal. You can even reach McLeodganj by taxi at a charge of Rs. 1000. The Delhi International Airport is the nearest and it lies at a distance of 523 kilometers. Delhi is the prime city in India and it remains connected to all major cities through several transportation links. So this makes it easy for you to reach McLeodganj from Delhi via taxi for an amount of Rs. 1, 000.

By Rail

If you are talking about the closest meter gauge railway stations then you can simply refer to Nagrota and Kangra. Pathankot lies at a distance of 90 kilometers and this is known as the nearby broad gauge station and this remains connected to all cities of India through rail routes.

By Road

From Delhi to McLeodganj you can willingly travel via deluxe buses. McLeodganj lies at a distance of 522 kilometers from Delhi and to reach straight you have to spend an amount of Rs. 1000. McLeodganj is even linked with all adjacent cities by means of state bus services. Thus, transportation has been made so easy these days.

Dalai Lama Temple Road, McLeodGanj

In McLeodganj the Dalai Lama Temple Road holds some of the most standard and budget hotels. This is a worth road with some of the notable hotels to stay. Thus, you would find travelers coming to the part of the city in search of accommodation. This place is well linked to all parts of McLeodganj and offers the best in the genre of budget accommodations.

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Home Of The Dalai Lama
Home Of The Dalai Lama
Home Of The Dalai Lama
Home Of The Dalai Lama
Home Of The Dalai Lama
Home Of The Dalai Lama

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