The classical traditions and cultures of Himachal Pradesh are unique to the world and are in contrast. The statement is also true for its rich handloom traditions. The dialect and the craft of every region are different in Himachal. Apart from Agriculture and Horticulture, Some of the primary occupations in Himachal include Handicraft and Handlooms but with time some of the indigenous crafts are facing descent because of cheaper fakes that are manufactured in other state. This in turn has a direct effect on the finances of the entrepreneurs of this section and their artists. To help them recover, a number of cooperative societies are carrying out work for them in the Kullu, Manali and Kinnaur Valley.

One society that has done a commendable job in the same regard is based in Himachal and is called BHUTICO. The members of these societies have seen an unparalleled growth.

A handful of young artisans from Kullu valley took the unimaginable challenge of taking the handlooms of Himachal into the Global competitive work.  Handloom of Himachal and its respect in the market owes its position to Mr. Baldev Gharsangi's vision and innovation.
Manali and Lullu have a particularly ancient handloom culture. The region of Himachal is often referred by mythological texts to be the place for Gandharvas (Holy Angels) and celestial musicians.

In the initial evolution of khaddis, The Loom driven by hand came forward as a handloom and enabled the fast production of goods. Rampur and Busheher contributed with their patterned handicrafts. They included ethnic as well as natural colors.

History asserts that the region of Himachal played a central part in the long trade route between China and Central Asia. The invasion of Tibet finally broke the long route.

Handloom of Himachal Pradesh

The craft of Himalayas has been influenced by the indigenous Rajputana style and also hints from the adapted style of the Central Asian region. Another strong influence has come through the refugees who came here from Tibet and brought their own culture with them. Tibetan Handlooms are available easily in the markets of Tibetan influence in Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali and McLeodganj. Thangkas are basically canvases which have been painted and embroidered are perhaps the most beautiful of them.

Handloom Products -Carpets, blankets, Shawls, bed sheets, caps, woolen garments and handkerchiefs.

Basic products Materials –Wool is obviously the chief raw material and is acquired from the rabbits of angora, goats of the mountains. Another source lies in the breeding of sheep in the farms of Chamba,Kinnaur, Hamirpur and Mandi. Excellent quality oak tasar and mulberry silk are acquired from the Hamirpur, Bilaspur,Kangra, Una and Sirmaur districts. Vegetable Dyes and chemicals are then added to dye the threads.

Handloom Popularity

The Utility to the common man and extreme adoration for them in the western and the national markets alike are making the weaving couture alive and flourishing in the state of Himachal. There is a never ending demand for zari and the Borcaded work. The range of saris starts from the Banarsi Amru, and reach the Tanchoi through the Paithani, Patola and the cotton from the clannish regions of Bihar. These are some of the weaving designs and patterns that are used extensively across the country and add to the enchantment of the Indian Woman. There is an abundance of resources obtainable to the customers these days. Different silks are available in all the varieties. Luxuriantly embellished clothes, woven shawls and other products of household needs are much in fashion. Craftsmen from the entire nation ranging from Gujarat, Kashmir, Manipur, Assam and various other states keep contributing to the art. Pherans and tablecloths from Kashmir are also in vogue these days apart from the shawls of the north east and Himachal. Goods like bed covers, mats fro tables, handkerchiefs, family furniture etc. crafted with a variety of styles of fabric print that range starting from tie and dye, block printing, hand-printing etc. have a swollen demand these days. The procurement of Arts and Crafts are not only contributors for a lot to the continued growth of the nation’s pastoral financial system but also contributes as a major constituent of the civilizing interview schedule.

Boosting Facts

Himachal Pradesh is well-known for its handlooms and handicrafts. The beautiful handicraft expresses the rich art and supreme creativity of the region. The government run H.P. State Handloom & Handicrafts Corporation Ltd has been an instrumental factor in the promotion and survival of the state’s handicraft heritage. The firm organizes a variety of actions like renewal of wiped out crafts, design expansion, talent generation, and manufacture in their various workshops and also organize the sale and marketing of the products through their network of showrooms and exhibitions. It is famous for providing various other facilities to the artisans.

The firm has a total of 17 showrooms across the country. Shimla, Chamba, Hamirpur,Solan, Bilaspur, Dharamshala, Manali, Mandi, Nahan, Kangra, Kullu, Keylong are some of the places that have these emporia in Himachal whereas Delhi and Bangalore has an emporium each. These showrooms have done an exceptional job in the promotion of art.

Interesting Feature

Another important feature about Himachal is the Rumal Emboridery on Silk and Muslin. The embroidery shows the life of Krishna and Shiva. Traditionally used during the weddings, these satin embroideries have no stitch mark making the rumal even more delightful.

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