Basing themselves on the mythological events in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, The Folk Dances also explore the various tales for local heroes, Deities and godly figure etc that make the dances original and intimate to the locals. Although the dance culture of Himachal is famous in general, But the Chamm Dance (Dance of The Devil) is performed in Kangra etc are the tourist’s favorite.

With a quite complex and vivacious dance culture, Himachal as a land has imbibed this tradition which is now an inseparable part of the tribal life. These dances have enabled them to passionately move forward their traditions which can never be considered complete without dancing. Used as a respite from the monotony of life Dulshol, Dharveshi, Drodi, DevNaritya, RakshasNritya, Dangi, Lasa, Nati and Nagas are some dances that are performed across the state.

The Folk Art, With help of its traditional symbolism is an expresser of the various facets of their lives.Another significant element in Himachal’s social culture is played by the folk theatre.Majorly, The performances involve men and women making patterns and synchronizing their action which becomes a visual treat and are called in Sirmous as: Karyala and as Banthra in Mandi, etc.

Famous Dances of Himachal Pradesh

Chham Dance

Performed by Biuddhist Monks or the Lamas in the Monasteries on different events of celebration, The Chamm Dance is renowned detailed costume, Elaborate Headgear and finely crafted masks. This dance is not only popular with the tourist but is also extremely accepted in Lahaul ,Laddakh and Kinnaur etc that serve as the Tibetan areas of Himachal Pradesh.

Chhanak Chham

Performed in the memory and as a tribute to the divine Lord Buddha, The lahaul – Spiti region witnesses the Lamas of Lahaul-Spiti region perform this devotional dance on one occasion of Chakhar, that happens once in every three years. The classical head gear worn during the performance is called Chhanak. With exceptional traditional motifs in the patch work, the costumes are made to glimmer because of itsgolden, black and yellow fabric. The dancers holds knives and swords in their hands while black masks cover their faces and make slow and circular movements.Wearing the traditional dresses of the lamas, The Musicians, Who too are an indispensible element in the performance play the long, pipe like structure of 'Tangchim', and drums, known as 'Ghhan.

Dandras Dance

Performed by the nomadic shepherd tribe of Gaddi in the Bharmaur region of the Chamba district, The Dandras is a traditional dance which is usually enacted with small sticks. These dance performance last for hours at times.

Kullu Nati

Performed during Dusshera and other fairs and Festivals, The Kullunati is one of the most famous dance forms hailing from the Kullu Valley. The tunes of Narsingha, Karnal, Shehnai, Dhol and Nagara are played while men and women dance in their traditional dresses. Although the duration of the dance has been shortened now, Original the dance was performed till the performers gave up.

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