Culture in Rajasthan

The entire cultural ecstasy of the nation with all its regality and beauty boils down in the cultural beauty of the state of Rajasthan.  The dynasties that ruled over the state blessed the region by acting as the patrons of art and its various forms. Moreover, The natives and the local communities of Rajasthan have also played an instrumental part in the formation and preservation of this unique culture. The classical Indian music has also replenished the musical culture of Rajasthan which thrive on the singing of the dairy chores of life.another very interesting form of Music  of the state is called Panihari. It is basically a folk song which is sung by the women of ths state and usually deal with the ordeal of fetching water in the arid desert. The dances of the state are also an amalgamation of several traditional Indian styles. RThe colors of Rajasthan and its culture has always been a distinct feature.  The distinct culture is further highlighted by its strong culinary tradition which has famed Rajasthan all over the nation.

The civilization of Rajasthan nowadays has become an inquisitive yet delightful mingle of the essence of the basic culture of the state which Rajasthan has preserved over generations. With the modern and global age making advances in everyday life of Rajasthan, The very boil of the culture is still intact and secure.

Language of Rajasthani’s

Hindi is used in several provinces and region but the main language that has been the heart beat of the state of Rajasthani has been the local Rajasthani Language. As one travesl across the vivid state, It becomes obvious that the diversity of Rajasthan is also in the languages spoken with each region having a new set of words and style.  Although at once it may sound alien, The true melody and sweetness in its language makes it acceptable and comprehensible to a lot of tourists.

Music and Dance

The musical and artistic tradition of Rajasthan can never be put under one single banner. With a variety of musical notes and forms of dances, Rajasthan’s diversity is also exhibited here. Several dances like Udaipur’s famous Ghoomar Dance and The Kalbeliya Dance from the city of Jaisalmer has been accepted and witnessed fame across the globe. They have also played an instrumental part in shaping u Rajasthan’s culture internationally. The several genres of music celebrated by the Rajasthanis have been revolving around the stories of the desert. The communities in the village usually grace their musical cords with the devotional songs which are attributed to Meera Bai. The musicians usually travel from one region to another where their patronization is done by the local villagers.


Rajasthan and its unique culture has also been shined by the brilliant pieces of art and handicrafts that are available in the international market. They have also been a very important element in the culture of Rajatshan. Tie and Dye Prints, Block Prints, Bagaru Prints, Prints of Sanganer and the embroidery of the Zari work are some of the glittering examples of Rajasthan’s glowing artistic culture. Some of the things that one must specifically look for in the state of Rajasthan are Phad which are spools that depict various stories pertaining to Pabuji, Another interesting things is the Pichhwai which are basically paintings showing the times and the way of life of the holy Lord Krishna. Rajasthan as a cultural centre is furthermore recognized for the several schools of paintings, in the company of particular orientation towards the Kishangarh Painting School, where one may find outstanding miniatures paintings and duplicates of several paintings of the time gone by are still present.


Rajasthan and its culture have always been a synonym of colors and celebration. They assume a whole new dimension during the festive season. Echoing with the cultural fe4stivals of the country in general, Rajasthan also celebrates the colors of Holi, Lights of the Diwali and the sweetness of janamashtmi. Another occasion when people love drooling themselves is during the festival of the deserts. The Chilly winters of Rajasthan usually witness this extravaganza. Puppeteers, Snake charmers, artist and acrobats captivate the visitors along with the traditional folk arts of Rajasthan that highlight the beauty of a life in the desert.Another major attraction are the camels. The Rjasthanis also indulge in a Camel race along with several graceful tricks. In the festivals and Fairs, Rajasthan also honors its history by having a competition of tying turbans. A particular festive extravaganza called Gangaur is organized. It is basically afestival in the honor of Goddess Parvati. Planned to meet a better husband, this festival runs for 18 long days.


Majorly flying on the aroma of vegetarian dishes, The cuisine of Rajasthan is filled with dishes that leave you on a culinary high. The delight and taste of the food of the state is characterized by the excessive use of spices.Another major element in the Rajasthani cuisine is the generous use of Ghee. The spices in its curries and the customary sweets along every meal make the cuisine of Rajasthan distinct and delightful.

Rajput cooking is always magnificently wealthy in the preparation of non veg dishes that include both red meat and white meat. The chicken comes under the banner of Safed maas which is a speciality in the state of Rajasthan. The delightful taste of this dishes owes its aroma to the valuable ingredients like ginger, onion, garlic paste, pepper, salt , cardamom and cashew nut paste.


The arid region of Rajasthan and its immaculate graceful existence is not only realized in India but also expands to international frontiers. The desert plays a major role in shaping or in fact curbing the culture of Rajasthan.The serene and spotless sand dunes of Thar are complimented by the magnificent Aravallis. The glory and regalty of the Rajouts can be felt in the forts and monuments that have survived through the travails of time. Many of them have been now converted into luxury hotels. Also, The various nomadic tribes and natives of Rajasthan are exceptionally skilled in the craft of Handlooms. The Culture Of Rajasthan has managed to retain its distinctive character in the global world.

Arts and Crafts

The western state of Rajasthan is celebrated because of its semi-precious stones, handicrafts and textiles. The art of Rajasthan is also extremely popular. The furniture native to the state of Rajasthan also displays an exceptional style and grammar. Tie and Dye Prints, Block Prints, Bagaru Prints, Prints of Sanganer and the embroidery of the Zari work are some of the glittering examples of Rajasthan’s glowing artistic culture.


Glittered with embroidery and a wealth of mirror works, The dresses worn by the Rajasthanis exhibit the essence of their historical culture. The women traditionally wear a beautiful Rajasthani skrt that runs down to the ankle . Traditionally it is called the chaniya choli or the lehenga. Heat and Modesty force them to cover their heads with a particular cloth too. The color that the Rajasthani choose are always bright and shiny.

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