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Gogaji Fair

The Gogaji Fair is a colourful affair celebrated in the town of Gogamedi. Gogamedi is located in the Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan. The town is located about 359Km from Jaipur. The Gogaji Fair is popular among local Hindus and Muslims of the area. The fair is conducted in honour of the local hero Goga Veer or Zahar Peer as referred by the Muslims. Hindus and Muslims assemble at the shrine of Gogaji every year to celebrate the fair.

The fair is conducted for a period of three days every year. It is celebrated in the Hindu month of Bhaado or Bhadrapad. This month usually falls in the Georgian calendar month of August or September. The fair is celebrated from the ninth day of Bhaado to the eleventh day. Gogaji is a local deity and is believed to be a snake god by the Hindus. The locals believe that visiting the Gogaji shrine can help cure all types of diseases. Thousands of devotes of Gogaji visit the shrine during the fair to pay their respects.

It is believed that the sects of Kayam Khani Muslims are descendants of Gogaji. The Kayam Khani Muslims consider Gogaji as a saint. Usually people visit the Gogaji Fair to make a wish or for expressing their gratitude if their wish comes true. The shrine has a Persian inscription at the entrance which states the respect that Mahmud of Ghazni had for the saint. Another fact about the shrine is that once Mahmud Ghazni’s wish was fulfilled he ordered a renovation of the shrine as a token of his gratitude.

The Fair

The Gogaji Fair is a colourful fair held in Gogamedi. Locals regard the fair as one of the most important occasions. Celebrated every year, the Gogaji Fair is attended by people from Rajasthan and all around India. Almost every family in and around the area attend the Gogaji Fair. The main highlight of the fair is the Nath priests that carry whips out of the main hall. The whips carried by these priests are considered to be lucky. Visitors can spot locals carrying multi-coloured flags to the fair.

Almost all the villages in Rajasthan have a sacred place dedicated to Gogaji. Devotees of Gogaji are spread across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and many other places. Wherever there are devotees of Gogaji annual processions are organized to honour him.

The fair is also a great place to see the local market scene. Farmers and traders flock to the fair to sell their produce and goods. The traditional Rajasthani handicrafts and artwork attract the best crowds. The Gogaji Fair is an excellent occasion for visitors to see the traditions and culture of the local people of the area.

Worship and Offering

The main method of paying respects and worshipping at the Gogaji Fair is by lighting incense sticks at the shrine. Locals also offer batashas and coconut and cash at the shrine. Priests at the shrine conduct special prayers and hymns are sung in praise of Gogaji. The ambiance inside the shrine hall is serene and tranquil. The aroma of the incense sticks makes the atmosphere even more calm and sanctified.

The shrine is a marble shaped structure with a protected by a boundary. There are two minarets above the shrine. There is an idol of Gogaji inside the shrine. The idol shows Gogaji sitting on a horse with a snake coiled around his neck.

Cultural Programme or Activities in Gogaji Fair

Just outside the main hall of the shrine, one can see priests carrying whips resembling the one carried by Gogaji. A number of people can be seen carrying flags of different colours and can also be seen singing and dancing. The drumming and gongs give a rhythm to the songs that are sung in praise of the saint. Visitors to the fair can observe the locals perform their folk dances and music.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest major airport to Goga Medi is at Jaipur about 359 Km away.

By Road

Buses are available from Jaipur, Nohar, Delhi and other major cities and towns. Tourists can either take government operated buses and coaches or private buses and taxis to reach Goga Medi.

By Rail

Goga Medi has a railway station about 3Km from the Samadhi of Gogaji.

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