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Kapil Muni Fair

Fair Epitome

Known for its several traditional colours, Rajasthan offers tremendous cultural venues to visit for the tourists. The Kapil Muni Fair is one another enthralling event which falls in the month of November every year in Kolayat. The fair is celebrated in the name of Kapil Muni who was a sage at the place. The fair is being held on the banks of Kolayat River adding a great charm to the ceremony.

People from Rajasthan have huge beliefs in the rituals being carried out in the event and wait eagerly for it every year. A cattle fair also takes place at the venue along with the Kapil Muni Fair in which cattle, horses and buffaloes are being sold.

Spiritual Synopsis

There has always been a unique religious orientation in India with several gods and goddesses been worshipped in the different regions. Rajasthan also holds a firm position in hosting such holy events and a number of religious fairs take place in the state. Among all, the Kapil Muni Fair has a great importance for the people living in the nearby areas along with a mass of population residing in other states as well.

In this event, several rituals are being followed by the devotees enthusiastically. People take a dip in the holy Kolayat River followed by singing and dancing for the worship of Kapil Muni. Lighted lamps are also being floated in the holy river which makes a pictorial view along with offerings of money, sweets, fruits, misery and coconut at the temple. All such rituals provide a scenic view of the traditional Indian customs and the experience can be referred as priceless.

Excursion Attractions

For millions of people visiting India, the country has uncountable endearments providing heights of pleasure to the tourists. Every state contains numerous enthralling places which have a major historic impact as well. Rajasthan, city of Maharajas and Palaces has a great touring criterion with several monuments and events displaying the incredibility of India. Kapil Muni Fair, held in Kolayat, Bikaner district is well known for the customary rituals being followed in the event.

Tourists from all over the world can experience the spiritual beauty that is ingrained into the event. The style of worship and the degree of devotedness brings immense joy to the people who believe in all such customs. Indeed, The Kapil Muni Fair is of utter importance for the Indian tourism board grabbing attention of millions every year.

Cruising Details

The Kapil Muni Fair is held in Kolayat which is in Bikaner district, Rajasthan and hence providing enough traveling options for the voyagers craving for the destination.

By Road

Kolayat is well connected to a number of major cities by roads and is around 500 kilometres from the national capital, New Delhi. It can also be reached from other cities like Agra, Jaipur and Lucknow having distances of 620, 400 and 950 kilometres respectively.

By Train

Kolayat railway station is somewhere around 300 metres from the Kapil Muni Temple and can be used for traveling purposes.

By Air

Jaipur airport is the nearest one and is about 400 kilometres from the destination hence road or train traveling is preferred for the location.

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