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Chandrabagha Fair

Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The state organizes several colourful festivals that are a true resemblance of the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. One such festival is the Chandrabagha Fair. Celebrated in Jhalarpatan about 6 Km from Jhalawar, the festival is full of colours and traditions. The Chandrabagha Fair is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. The month of Kartik usually falls between November and December.

During the full moon night, devotees gather on the banks of the Chandrabagha River, which is considered to be holy by the locals. Pilgrims take a dip in the river and offer prayers to seek blessings. Legend sates that taking a dip in the river during the full moon of Kartik purifies the soul of the pilgrims. The Chandrabagha Fair is also marked with a huge cattle fair that blends religious rituals with trade. During the fair, interested people can buy horses, cows, buffaloes, bullocks and camels. The Chandrabagha Fair is also visited by farmers and traders from different cities, towns and states.

Visiting Jhalawar during the Chandrabagha Fair gives tourists a great opportunity for sightseeing and familiarise themselves with the local traditions and customs. Jhalawar is home to several old and historic buildings and palaces. Close to Jhalawar is the ancient town of Chandrawati, which is a prime attraction in the area. The ruins of Chandrawati are worth visiting. Jhalawar houses several temples and shrines. One of the famous temples in the town is the Sitaleshwar Mahadeva temple. Other attractions that can be visited during the Chandrabagha Fair include the Chandrabagha Temple, Jhalawar Fort, Gagron Fort, Government Museum, etc. The Jhar Shiva Temple about 30Km from Jhalawar is also worth a visit.

The Fair

The Chandrabagha Fair is held every year. The fair attracts several tourists from India and abroad and gives them a chance to interact with the locals and get to know their culture and traditions. The fair lasts for three days and includes taking a dip in the holy river of Chandrabagha. The festival is named after the sacred river.

The Chandrabagha Fair also coincides with the cattle fair, which is the main attraction of the festival. The fair is attended by traders and farmers from far off places like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. During the Chandrabagha Fair, tourists get to know more about the local rituals. Getting to the fair is quite easy, as the area can easily be accessed by rail and road.

Worship and Offering

The Chandrabagha Fair is celebrated to honour the Sun God. A legend states that Shambhu the son of Lord Krishna was suffering from leprosy and his condition was cured by Sun God. Since then the Chandrabagha Fair is celebrated every year to commemorate the blessing of Sun God. The fair is attended by people from all over India. The festival is marked by pilgrims taking a dip in the hold Chandrabagha River on the day of full moon in the month of Kartik. The site where pilgrims take a holy dip is also known as Chandravati.

Another legend believes that the Fish God is reborn during the full moon day of Kartik. Hence the water becomes pure to rinse people of their sins and make their souls pure.

Cultural Programme or Activities in Chandrabagha Fair

Tourists visiting the Chandrabagha Fair get an opportunity to observe the local lifestyle closely. Whether it is the cattle fair or the holy dip in the Chandrabagha River, tourists can enjoy observing different aspects of the Chandrabagha Fair. The cattle fair is a bid fair where traders and farmers put bid on the choice of their livestock.

Tourists can also take a dip in the Chandrabagha River with the locals and pray to stay blessed in their life. There are a number of temples in and around Jhalawar that tourists can visit during the Chandrabagha Fair. The fair gives an enthralling insight into the local traditions and culture of the people of Jhalawar.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Jhalawar is in Kota about 82Km away.

By Road

Jhalawar is well-connected by roads. The state government operates several buses from Kota, Jaipur and Bundi to Jhalawar.

By Rail

The closest railway station is at Ramganj Mandi about 25Km away from the city. The station is placed in the broad line gauge on the Delhi Mumbai line.

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