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Nagaur Fair

Fair Epitome

Naugar fair is the second largest cattle fair of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of fairs, especially in cattle ones. Along with the diverse culture and uncommon festivals held, this place is an epitome of various fairs of cattle.

Attracting loads of tourist from the entire country, this fair has been ranked as the second largest cattle fair among all the fairs.  Fairs in Rajasthan are the face of rural Rajasthan and are a strong witness of the social harmony of the people. The main attraction of these fairs is its castles and the mesmerizing music and colorful dance performed by the local people of Naugar.

Significance Of The Fair

The main attraction of the fair is the trading of cattle, bullocks, camels and horses and many more livestocks. Traders from all over the country participates and celebrates this fair with great enthusiasm and purchase high grade foods for their cattle. The main aim of this fair is to provide a platform for the sale and purchase of cattle.

This fair has become a huge tourist spot for foreigners in the recent time. Not only cattle but also other items like handmade crafts, fabrics, wooden items, iron crafts and leather accessories are also being sold at the fair mostly by the women of the place. This fair is also famous for the “Mirchi Bazaar” which involves different types of chilies. Approx 70,00 livestock including bullocks, camels, horses, goats are traded every year in this particular fair. The animals are extravagantly decorated with special stuff particularly made for them. The owners also dress up themselves lavishly with colorful turbans and long mustaches. Various festive games are also being organized in the fair for the entertainment of the tourists.

Tourism Consequences

The Naugar fair has developed a huge foreign tourist attraction in the recent times. No doubt, Rajasthan is one of the most developed tourist destination and welcome thousands of tourists every year. But at the time of these fairs, Rajasthan is filled with tons of travelers.

The main thing to look at this fair is the bunch of cattle and the market of livestocks. Also the games which are organized at the fair such as camel race, cock fights, tug of war and many more followed by the different series of amazing folk music and dance by the women wearing colorful hand woven garments giving a magnificent and astonishing performance at the sunset time to entertain the visitors and the travelers. It is a one time achievement for the visitors to enjoy the diversity of fascinating and alluring activities of the fair and to feel the stillness of the desert and the delightful ambience formed by the folk music.

Plying Rundown

By Road

Naugar is well connected to the major cities by bus. It is quite near to the Jaipur city and bus can be booked from Jaipur to Naugar.  You can also travel from Bikaner to Naugar in one hour and the total distance is 113 kilometers by road. You can also travel by car from Delhi in six hours will will cover 455 kilometers. There are regular bus service from Jaipur, Jodhpur and all other cities of Rajasthan.

By Train

You can travel from Delhi to Naugar by Rajasthan S Kranti express and will reach the destination in nine hours. From Jaipur you will find lots of trains running daily.

By Air

There is no air service at Naugar but the nearest airport is the Jaipur international airport and Jodhpur domestic airport covering 135 kilometers.

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