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Mahaveer Ji Fair

Fair Epitome

Mahaveer ji fair is held in the memory of 24th Jain Trithankare. The time period for the celebration of this fair is between chaitra shukla ekedasi and baisakh Krishna dwitiya which usually falls during the month of March and April. This fair takes place in one of the most cultural and colorful city of the country. The fair has utmost spiritual importance for all the devotees. They come to pay tribute to Mahaveerji.

The people of Rajasthan follow various religious acts to pay homage to Jain Trithankare. The huge and the spiritual Mahavirji Temple is the spot where Mahavirji fair is held every year.  Rajasthan is the city of diversity in which patrons of all regions and country performs and enjoys the fairs. Throughout the year people have the opportunity to enjoy innumerable fairs. Some of them have attracted a huge number of tourists from different parts of the country.

Significance Of The Fair

One of the significant attractions of the fair is the impressive “Rath Yatra”. Early in the morning the image of Mahavirji is cleansed which is known as “prakshalan” and asht-gandha is applied. After that evening period is the time for aarti, the whole temple area is decorated with numerous diyas. The image of Mahavirji is carried to the Gambhiri River on a golden chariot during the rath yatra. Throughout the Yatra the devotees sing devotional songs of Mahavirji.

The Yatra comes to an end where the image is replaced to its original position. The devotees offer religious Prasad which includes rice, camphor, white and yellow flowers, saffron, sandalwood, dry fruits and crystallized sugar. The villagers set up various shops selling toys, grains, clothes and other items. Another thing to enjoy at the fair are the rides like a merry go round and also circus shows are held which is performed by the Jain students.

Tourism Consequences

There is no doubt that Rajasthan is one of the busiest tourist spots in India for its numerous attraction and diversified culture. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to enjoy the pleasure of the wonders present in the city. Travelers who actually want to enjoy the religious atmosphere of the city should definitely attend the Mahavirji fair. Large numbers of devotees from different parts like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh attends the fair in great enthusiasm and joy.

The rath yatra is a one timely opportunity for the visitors and should not be missed if you are present in Rajasthan at the fair time. Also various stuffs displayed for sale in the shops by the villagers is a prime attraction. Various handmade stuffs like clothes, handicraft items for decoration and daily use, food and many more items are displayed for the tourists. The fair also provides us with tremendous happening rides to enjoy. Chandangaon in itself is a beautiful place to look at and experience the beauty of the place. All these unique stuffs should be experienced by the tourist.

Plying Rundown

By Train

The site of the fair Chandangaon is 6.k kilometers away from the shore mahavirji railway station. You can easily commute by train from Delhi and Mumbai. Alwar railway station is the major station in the distance of 112 kilometers.

By Road

Easy drive from Hindaun can be done covering 18 kilometers to Chandangaon. It is 29kilometers from Karauli and can drive to Jaipur covering s176kilometers. Regular bus service is available from Jaipur, Hindaun to Chandangaon. Bus and tanga service is provided to the passengers to the temple.

By Air

Chandangaon does not have its own airport. The nearest airport to the destination are Sonegaon airport (121 kilometers) and Jabalpur airport (136 kilometers).

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