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Jambheswar Fair

Rajasthan is a wonderful state that offers visitors with a plethora of activities to do and enjoy. The festivals and fairs conducted in Rajasthan are a major attraction for the visitors. The Bikaner District celebrates numerous festivals including the Jambheswar Fair. The fair is a colourful and lively affair celebrated by the Bishnoi sect in the region. For tourists the Jambheswar Fair is a wonderful occasion where they can interact with the locals and also learn about their culture, traditions and lifestyle.

The Jambheswar Fair is one of the most important fairs conducted in the Bikaner District. The fair is held in the village of Mukam located in the Nokha Tehsil of Bikaner District. The fair is conducted in honour of Jambeshwari who is the originator of the Bishnoi sect. The fair is held twice in a year on the occasion of Phalgun Budi Amavasya and another on the Ashvin Budi Amavasya in the Hindu calendar months of Phalgun and Ashvin respectively. On both the occasions the fair is held in the Mukam village. The fair celebrated on the Phalgun Budi Amavasya is the biggest in the area.

When visiting Mukam during the Jambeshwar Fair visitors can also visit the nearby attractions and the city of Bikaner. The traditional food in the area is amazingly delicious and a must try. A visit to the Jambheswar Fair is a memorable experience that cannot be forgotten easily. All the festivities of the Jambheswar Fair are celebrated around the Mukam Temple, one of the most famous temples in the area.

The Fair

The Phalgun Budi Amavasya is usually held during February and March. This is the main celebration and is celebrated with a lot of fanfare. People from Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and other states also come to attend this fair. The Ashvin Budi Amavasya is not as extravagant as the Phalgun fair. The Ashvin fair is localised and people from nearby villages and towns come to attend this fair. Tourists coming to witness the fair first visit the temple and then head towards the sand dune located at Samarthal.

Worship and Offering

The Mukam Temple and the Jambeshwar Fair does not have any barrier for caste or community. The temple has the Samadhi of Jambeshwar ji. Everyone is welcome to the temple to give their offerings and prayers. The worship is performed by priests of the temple or any sanyasi from the Bishnoi community. The temple has a lamp that is lit for 24 hours continuously. Visitors can witness the daily aarti performed at the temple by the priests and locals can be seen singing hymns in praise of Jambeshwar ji.

The temple also has a full-size picture of Jambeshwar Ji in the central hall. There are five rooms at the ground floor and one of them is used for storing the grains that are offered by devotees. The grains that are offered are used for feeding pigeons. One of the main rituals of the Jambeshwar Fair is to take some sand from the tank at the Mukam temple and offer it at the sand dune in Samarthal. It is believed that the Vikramaditya city and a gold throne are hidden under the sand dune.

Cultural Programme or Activities in Jambheswar Fair

Legend has it that Jameshwar ji was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and was a descendant of Vikramaditya. He could not speak during his childhood days but a miracle happened and he got back his speech. He left his family occupation and settled on a hill top. From the hill top he preached the 29 articles of the Bishnoi sect.

During the fair tourists can witness local grandeur including folk performances and traditional sports. Make shift shops are arranged during the fair where visitors can look through and buy local handicraft and art items. Ethnic jewellery and accessories and clothes can also be bought in the fair.

How to Reach

By Air

A new airport has been built in Bikaner and will soon be operational. The closest airport to Bikaner is in Jodhpur about 251 Km away.

By Road

Mukam can be reached by road easily from Nokha about 15Km away. Buses from Nokha to Sujangarh, Bikaner till Jaipur and Salasar make a stop at the Mukam village bus stop.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Mukam is at Bikaner about 58 Km away from the village.

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