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Takhat Sagar Lake

The beautiful city of Jodhpur boasts of many beautiful places to visit and Takhat Sagar Lake is one of the must see attractions. Located near to Takhat Sagar Hills, this lake is at a distance of 10 kilometers from Jodhpur city. As Takhat Sagar Lake is near to the city, it is easy for visitors to enjoy the beauty of this Lake during their trip to Jodhpur.

Takhat Sagar Lake is an attractive lake with attention-grabbing splendid surroundings. The charming views of this lake make it a must visit attraction. The lake attracts numerous visitors around the year. Refreshing sights and subtle charm of this beautiful lake simply mesmerizes visitors. The isolated Siddhnath Shiv temple is located between the Takht Sagar Hills. The secluded temple attracts numerous devotees every year in spite of the bad poor road that links the temple in the city. Through the bad roads, devotees make their way to this temple, devoid of any hurdles that come their way.


The Lake has been named after Maharaja Takhat Singh. He was a former king of Jodhpur and ruled the city during the 19th century. Huge Kaylana Lake was built during the ruling period of this king and Takht Sagar Lake is a small part of this lake.


Takhat Sagar Lake is a popular spot both for devotees and nature lovers. Splendid surroundings and the charming views of this lake simply fascinate all nature lovers, whereas the devotees can worship the deity at the Siddhnath Shiv temple.

Best Season to Visit

Best time to visit the place is October to March. Usually, severe climatic changes are experienced. The summers here are sizzling, harsh and exhausting with temperature between the levels of 27°C to 45°C. Winters are generally considered as the best season to visit the place. The climate is very enjoyable during this time.


Takhat Sagar lake is actually a small part of Kaylana Lake. Kaylana Lake is an artificial water body situated on the Jaisalmer Road. This famous picnic spot is well known for its natural beauty. Visitors can also avail boating facility. Besides being the best place for relaxing, it is a lively spot for picnics. On the banks of this lake, one can enjoy activities like sunbathing, playing, cooking and eating. Spending time with family and friends at the beautiful spot can make the people take home the extreme joy. The Siddhnath Shiva Temple located in Takhat Sagar hills is one of the most popular and ancient temples of Jodhpur. Earlier the place where this temple is located was all covered with desert. This noticeable place is a beautiful to enjoy the nature’s beauty and worship God. It is among different Lord Shiva temples in North India. It is said that numerous miracles took place in the shrine and is unending ever since. The temple has grown into a spiritual terminus and numerous followers come to visit the place regularly.

How to Reach

By Road

Jodhpur is well connected by a road network and national highways. Rajasthan Road Transport Corporation bus services ply from almost every city in Rajasthan to Jodhpur. The travelers can also take taxi to Jodhpur. Nonpublic deluxe buses are also available from Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Delhi, and Bikaner.

By Train

Jodhpur is the nearest railway station. It is a very important railhead within the North West railway zone in India. It is well connected to all major cities in India. One can reach Takhat Sagar lake by hiring taxi or by bus.

By Air

Jodhpur airport is the nearest airport. Tourists can take daily regular flights that are well connected from Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and urban center. One can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Takhat Sagar lake then.

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