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Sardar Samand Lake

Sardar Samand Lake – The Attractive Lake Running Along Jodhpur-Pali Highway

Close to Jodhpur city is the Sardar Samand Lake which runs along the Jodhpur to Pali route for about 60 km on the south east of Jodhpur. The scenic beauty of the Sardar Samand Lake is mesmerizing that attracts millions of tourists from across the globe to Rajasthan. Besides attracting tourists, this huge lake also calls the migratory birds especially during the winter; though obviously not for similar reasons in their case! Thus, this place also makes it most apt for the bird watchers as well. Not just bird watchers love this exquisite location but even those wanting to find solitude also visit this place to derive pleasure from the calm and serene lake by watching it sitting on its bank.


Not just is this place well known because of its birds or scenic brilliance but the wildlife can also be spotted roaming freely en route to the lake. The drive through this route is also enthralling and gives you the pleasure of being engrossed in absorbing the beauty of nature. The rural areas lying in the vicinity of this lake are also going to attract you for its lively nature.  The friendly village people of this region are also going to give you the finest tastes of native hospitality. The Bishnoi village, which is the home to a native community of Bishnois, falls en route to the Sardar Samand Lake.

Photographers are going to find both the lake and the route to the lake quite interesting and fascinating, which would undoubtedly help them make maximum utilization of their cameras. Maharana Umaid Singh’s summer palace is located on a hill that stands overlooking Sardar Samand Lake. Once, this palace served as the lodge for the royals who came here for hunting the wildlife of this region.  Presently, the palace has been transitioned into the very famous Sardar Samand Lake Resort. Some of the most mesmerizing views of the lake can be taken from this palace.

Bishnoi Village

The Bishnoi village falls on the way to Sardar Samand Lake. This village is populated with people of a Hindu sect called the Bishnois. This sect is well known for being immensely eco-friendly. The origin of this sect can be traced around 540 years back in the history of Rajasthan. Guru Jambheshwar, also referred to as Jambhaji, gave twenty-nine principles which are followed by the people of this sect. The term Bishnoi itself means twenty-nine. Alone eight principles of these were directed towards conservation of the bio-diversity. It is unthinkable that so many years back Jambhaji had understood the effect of harming eco-system could be so devastating. Thus, the people of this sect living in the Bishnoi village are very much eco-friendly. The history of the Bishnoi people also attracts lots of tourists to pay visit to this village, which is not just a mere visit but homage. In the year 1730 the ruler of the village had given orders to fell trees of the region. The concept of Chipko Movement can be traced back to those days when 363 Bishnois irrespective of age and sex had hugged the trees to protect them from being cut. However, they had to sacrifice their lives and their movement failed as they ruler’s men had cut the trees along with the Bishnoi. Such an incident about 300 years back even today is still a dreadful event in the history of Bishnois. Thus, all tourists who are aware about this history of the Bishnois make it a point to pay homage to this sect by visiting their village while they are travelling to the Sardar Samand Lake.

Bird Watching

When a bird watcher comes to Jodhpur, he does not miss a chance to come to Sardar Samand Lake. This lake becomes the home of the migratory Siberian cranes during the winter. Not just the cranes but other birds are also visible in the vicinity of this lake. This is grabs the eyeballs of the bird watchers and they can derive immense joy out of it.


On the way to Sardar Samand Lake, it is not uncommon to find freely wandering wild animals. Any wildlife photographer or wildlife lover would be mesmerized by seeing all such animals on their way to Sardar Samand Lake. Some of the common types of animals that can be easily spotted while moving towards Sardar Samand Lake are Chinkara, Black Buck and Neelgai.

Reaching Sardar Samand Lake

The Sardar Samand Lake is very close to the Jodhpur Railway Station. Trains from all other major cities of India reach Jodhpur. There is also roadway transportation available to the Sardar Samand Lake from other parts of India. The Jodhpur-Pali highway lies parallel to the Sardar Samand Lake. Buses, taxis and rented cars reach Sardar Samand Lake from Jodhpur. People willing to travel via flight will have to reach Jodhpur airport first and then take some sort of road transportation to the lake.

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