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Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake is one among the artificial lake located close to Jamwa Ramgarh in the state of Rajasthan, India. This lake received water last time during 1999 and since 2000, the lake remains dry. Ramgarh Lake is a manmade water body designed by developing an embankment on nearby forested hills. Ramgarh Lake is located at a distance of about 20 miles (32 km) from the city of Jaipur covering a total area of approximately 6 sq. mi (15.5 sq. km). During earlier days, this lake served as major water supply to the people in Jaipur. It also served as one among the most famous picnic destination, especially after the season of heavy rain. After monsoon season, this lake will be flooded with excess water and delivers an alluring scenic and amazing beauty to its visitors. This place is also one among the most popular destination for bird watchers as they can get the chance to see and enjoy flocks of bird’s especially migratory birds surrounding this Ramgarh Lake. Ramgarh Lake hosted rowing events of Asian Games during 1982. Ramgarh Lake and its nearby areas are surrounded by dense forest that serves as home to various wild animals like neelgai, chital and lions. This area was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1982 by Indian Government. Close to this Ramgarh Lake, there lies Jambwa Mata temple and ruins of a very old fort.

Local people from this area believe that this Ramgarh Lake suffered a premature death because of the negligence of their state government. In 2011, the district administration was ordered by Rajasthan High Court to get rid of all those numerous encroachments which got established in the nearby catchment area hindering the free flow of water to the Ramgarh Lake. But then, even now the catchment area near to the dam is filled with encroachments and there is probably very little hope for the water to reach this Ramgarh Lake.


Once upon a time, this Ramgarh Lake served as hunting ground for different Maharajas of the city of Jaipur. After many years, this place was converted to be a heritage spot. Along the sides of this Lake, one can see the ruins of the dead fort. There is a heritage hotel at Ramgarh even now standing majestically facing this Ramgarh Lake.


Ramgarh Lake widespread in an area of about 4 km is one among the famous tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan. The wide area of plain lands together with hills in their backdrop mirroring in fresh stagnant water delivers a silent and superb view that remains in the heart of its visitors for a long time. One can enjoy boating in this lake especially after monsoon season from the month of October to June. One among the India’s best Polo ground is situated near to Ramgarh Lake. It is located exactly between Aravali Hills and Ramgarh Lake. There is also museum at this place which is quiet interesting.  Jamwa Mata temple is also another major destination for tourists in Rajasthan. This temple was constructed by Rao Dulherao of Kachhwaha clan, Jaipur. It is located exactly at downward direction of this Ramgarh Lake. It is not only a Lake but a bio-diversity hotspot with good collection of animals and birds species. The Ramgarh Heritage hotel located at this place is well known for their traditional Rajasthani cuisines and royal hospitality.  This place also holds a library and museum. This heritage center is well equipped with conference room, business center and various recreational facilities like swimming pool, jogging track, bird watching and billiards etc. There are also other interesting and amusing options that one can look at Ramgarh Lake including jeep driving in nearby jungle, fishing, mountain trekking, visit to nearby carpet village and also marble quarry.

Best time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Ramgarh Lake is during the months of October to March especially after monsoon season. The scenic beauty of this Ramgarh Lake is simply mesmerizing especially during the season when this lake is filled with water.

How to Reach

By Air

The airport close to this Ramgarh Lake is Jaipur Sanganer airport which is approximately 35.3 km from Ramgarh Lake. From this airport, one can hire a taxi to reach Ramgarh Lake

By Rail

The nearest major rail junction is Jaipur Junction. There are also other stations like Bassi Railway station which is about 23.3 km, Kanakpura Railway Station at a distance of about 37.4 km and Suwansa Railway station at a distance of approximately 26.7 km.

By Road

Ramgarh Lake is well connected through road. There are many Rajasthan State Government buses flying between Ramgarh and Jaipur. One can also hire a taxi or cab from Jaipur to Ramgarh Lake.

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