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Jaisamand Lake

Historical Synopsis

Jaisamand Lake is renowned for being the Asia’s largest man made lake built in the 17th century by Maharaja Jai Singh. The calm and elegant lake is surrounded by the hills and is situated in Udaipur in the western Rajasthan. It is spread over the area of 87sq.km and was constructed when Maharana Jai Singh made a dam around the Gomati River. It is 45km away from the Udaipur headquarters. The wildlife sanctuary surrounding the Jaisamand Lake can be reached from the state highway Baswara from Udaipur and is 27 km from Parsad, a village lying on the national highway no.8. It is secured by the wild sanctuary spread across 162km area with dense teak woods on the bank of Jaisamand Lake. The lake has three islands in total which are spread across ten to forty acres each. It is 1202 feet long, 116 feet high having the width of 70 feet at the bottom. The emperors of Mewar were highly religious as it can be seen from the centrally located Shiva temple.

Present Scenario

It has a perfect backdrop of the summer place of Udaipur queens. It is also said that the lake procures six monuments near the lakes engraved from the hills. On the northern bank of the lake, there are numerous palaces with the lawns and also has a domed building having twelve pillars in total. It also has seven islands among which one is still owned by the Bhil Minas tribal people. Among the seven, the biggest one is Bhabaka k bhagra and the other is Pilari. Jaisalmad is near to the wildlife sanctuary which serves the residence to numerous types of crocodiles, birds, wild boars, panthers, deer and leopards which used to be the hunting place of the emperors of Mewar. In 1957, it was covered by the construction of the wildlife sanctuary over the area of 62sqkms and is the largest habitat of the migratory birds and animals.

Main Attractions

Along with the beautiful monument, the major attraction of the place includes Jaisamand game sanctuary which secures numerous rare species like bears, deer’s, panthers and Sambhars. It also has jaisalmad Island resort in the heart of the lake facilitating the Eco-tourism providing vast exploratory opportunities to the tourists. It is the major tourist spot among the visitors for the Picnic and water sports.

How to Reach

It has a good connection with the rail, roads and flights through the major cities of India. It is 48 kms from Udaipur and 15 Kms from Siliserh. The nearest airport is Maharana Pratap Airport which is 75 kms from Jaisalmad Lake. Udaipur railway of broad gauge connects to the major cities of Udaipur which comprises of Rajasthan, Ahmadabad, Delhi and Mumbai. It would take almost 95 kms from the Udaipur buses.

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