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Kailana Lake

Kailana Lake – Huge Artificial Lake Built In 1872

Kailana Lake is situated on Jaisalmer Road, about 8 kilometres west of Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan. This massive artificial lake was constructed in the second half of the 19th century. Prime Minister of Jodhpur, Pratap Singh got this lake having surface area of about 84 square kilometres built in the year 1872. The location of the lake was at a time the site for the gardens and palaces of a couple of rulers of Jodhpur. In order to construct the Kailana Lake those structures were demolished. The lake has gets its major inflows from the Hati Canal. The Hati Canal is connected to the Indira Gandhi canal. On the other hand, the major outflows of this lake are the Umaid Sagar and the Takhat Sagar. Close to this lake situated is PHED’s Duk Bungalow, which belongs to the department of irrigation. An exciting amusement activity that this lake offers to the tourists is the boating facility. Other reasons why this place proves to be attractive to the tourists are great location for picnic, bird watching, etc.

Stunning Location

For travellers this lake is one of the best locations to enjoy their holidays. The beauty that can be captured through one’s eyes at the time of the sunset is not just mesmerizing but it will keep on lingering in their minds for unlimited period of time. Many people who have visited this place once have kept a good memory about this place with them and often they draw pleasure by thinking about those splendid and beautiful moments. During the sunset the sky turns into a canvas having wonderful colours splashed on it in the perfect blend. The lush green bordering the lake is also an element that gives pleasure to the Keeping the memory of these ecstatic scenes is some of the worthiest assets that a person may possess.

Picnic Spot

Kailana Lake is not just the best place for relaxing but it is also an exuberant spot for conducting picnics. It allows picnic parties to enjoy on the banks doing lots of activities like playing, cooking, eating, sunbathing, etc. They can just take home the extreme joy that they would find by participating in a picnic with friends or family. Kids would love this place because of the vast open areas where they might exercise their freedom to run and play around. Youngsters would be able to play games out on the vast banks of the lake. Couples would be able to rejuvenate their romance coming in union with the romantic form of nature at the Kailana Lake. For those stressed out people this magnificent location acts as a stress buster. Older people would be able to find serenity, where they would be able to relax.

Bird Watching

Many people who love nature because of her beauty would find this the best location for relaxing. The ones, who have interest in birds, would be able to find Kailana Lake to be a splendid location. Be it the bird watchers or bird photographers, this lake is the apt place for both. Many birds can be seen coming to the Kailana Lake all the year round. Migratory birds, especially the Siberian cranes that take refugee here during the winter, give a treat to the eyes of a bird-watcher and to the camera lens of a bird photographer. Not just the Siberian cranes but other birds can also be seen and during all seasons. It is an awesome experience, sitting on the banks of the lake and spotting birds flying over the lake or sitting on top of the Babool trees that are found amply near the lake. The area near the lake once full of wild bears that once hunted by the royals of this place as a pastime activity. However, due to increased population the wild bears are found no more.


Lot of people love boating and thus, those visitors having interest in boating would be able to find this location very much exciting while they would do boating on the Kailana Lake. Often couples spend romantic moments boating in the mid of the Kailana Lake enjoying the serenity of the atmosphere.


The depth of the lake remains around 35 feet to 40 feet from the surface of the water when the water level is high. Therefore, this lake poses a strict no on swimming for the inexperienced swimmers. However, veteran swimmers must also avoid this as there have been cases of drowning in these lakes many a times in the past.

Reaching Kailana Lake

Anyone willing to go to Kailana Lake must first reach Jodhpur either by flight or train or roadways, as the lake is situated at just 8 km from the Kailana Lake. Jodhpur is connected with major cities like Agra, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc through well maintained roads and railways. Flights to Jodhpur are available from Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur and Delhi.

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