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Padam Talao

The famous Ranthambore National Park is home to one of the largest lake around this place named as Padam Talao. The name of this lake comes from the lotus flower (called as Padam in Hindi language) that grows readily here. It is a major source of water for animals and birds living in this national park. It is one of the prominent places where tourists can watch different wildlife animals as they often come here to quench their thirst. Wildlife lovers can climb the machans that are built around this lake and watch the wild inhabitants of this park closely.

Ranthambore lies between Vindhyachali and Aravali Mountain range and is very close to the Thar Desert. The name of the place Ranthambore comes from two hills – Ran and Thambor. The history of this place dates back to 12th century, when the Chauhan kings were defeated by Iltutmish and the Ranthambore fort was captured. Later on it was captured back in 13th century by one of the Chauhan Kings – Maharaja Govinda. The Ranthambore fort was also ruled by Emperor Akbar for some time. It is one of the most beautiful forts in Rajasthan.


Apart from this famous and largest lake, there are various other attraction spots for tourists to spend time. Ranthambore national park is home to several wildlife animals including the national animal tiger. There are various species of flora and fauna here, along with a wonderful forest guesthouse named as Jogi Mahal, a unique fort in Rajasthan state – Ranthambore fort.


The Bakula area has a lot of thick foliage and little water holes. Even during peak summer season, the weather is pleasant here. This is mainly due to thick vegetation and large water body around this place.

Kachida Valley

This valley is located close to the outskirts of the park and consists of many low hills and rocky out crops. Tourists who want to visit this place must come in a jeep. The majority of the panther population of the park lives here. Panthers are known to be killed by tigers, so they avoid going to the main part of the jungle.

Rajbagh Talao

Among the three lakes present in this park, this is probably the most picturesque. A large number of animals and birds are always present at this lake. The sambhar deer has adapted according to the food available at this place, a habit which is not seen anywhere else.

Malik Talao

This is the smallest among the three lakes. Even though it is the smallest, but it is nowhere short in providing attraction. It is home to a large number of birds and nature is at its best depiction around this lake. Tourists can also see a handsome specimen of the Indian marsh crocodiles, make sure you maintain a distance when you watch them.


Weather is mostly sunny during most part of the year. It remains moderately cold during December and February. Temperature goes down to as low as 7 degrees in January. Rainy season is in July and August.

Best Time to Visit

Ranthambore and Padam Talao is primarily a desert region, so the sun is at its full might during summer season. Climatic conditions around the lake and the park vary drastically during different seasons. Weather is most pleasing from October to April, so this is the best time to visit this place.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Padam Talao Ranthambore is the Jaipur International airport. It is at a distance of around 115 km. All the major cities of India and abroad are connected with Jaipur international airport. Moreover, tourists can also land at Gwalior airport which is at a distance of around 196 km from Padam Talao. Delhi International airport is at distance of around 400 km. Tourist will have to hire taxi, which are available regularly, from these airports.

By Rail

The nearest railway station from Padam Talao Ranthambore is at Sawai Madhopur. It is around ten kilometres from the lake. All the major cities of the country are well connected with this railway station. The main railway line from Mumbai to Delhi passes from here. From both these stations regular trains are available from all the places in India. Tourists will have to hire taxi to reach Ranthambore from railway Sawai Madhopur.

By Road

Ranthambore is readily connected by road to all the places of Rajasthan and rest of India. State owned and private buses ply regularly from Ranthambore to all the cities of Rajasthan. Tourists coming from Delhi and Agra can also come by bus.

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