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Sambhar Salt Lake

Sambhar Salt Lake, the largest salt lake of India is situated about 96 km towards the south west direction of Jaipur city and approximately 64 km from the north east direction of city of Ajmer all along the National highway 8 in the state of Rajasthan. This lake receives its water from a nearby endorheic basin, which is not related to Ganga River basin. This lake is basically an extended saline wetland composed of fluctuating water depths varying between 60 cms and 3 metres. This lake occupies total area of 190 to 230 based on season. Sambhar Salt Lake is elliptically shaped with a length of about 35.5 km and breadth between 3 and 11 km. It is situated among the districts of Ajmer, Nagaur and Jaipur. The lake is bordered by Aravali hills. This Lake is partitioned by a long sand stone dam that is of 5.1 km length. Once the salt water reaches a particular concentration, the dam gates are lifted to release the water from west side to east side, where there is an evaporation pond where salt is being made for more than 1000 years. There are also salt pans, canals and salt reservoirs that are partitioned by widges. They account for about 196,000 tons of clean and clear salt per year which is about 9 percent of total salt production in India. There are about 38 villages that surround the Lake. Among them, major ones are Jalwali Ki dhani, Kerwa ki dhani, khakharki, Khanadja, Arwik ki dhani, Sinodiya, Nandha, Govindi, Tyoda, Kuni, Kanseda, Jhapok, Korsina, Jhak, Nawa, Jabdinagar, Gudha and Sambhar. There is a railroad towards the eastern side of the dam, constructed by Britishers before the Independence of India. This railroad acts as route for the people to travel from Sambhar Lake City to salt works. The Sambhar Salt Lake receives its water from various river streams like Karian, Khandel, Runpangarh and Mendha. Among them Rupangarh and Mendha are the main streams. Sambhar Salt Lake carries a temperature of about 40 degrees during summer season and 11 degrees during winter season. Sambhar is known to be a Ramsar site (a known wetland of highly international significance) as it is a major wintering spot for more than thousands of birds including flamingos that move from northern part of Asia. Bacteria and specialized algae that grow in this lake display amazing colors in water and support the ecology of this Lake which on the other hand, sustains migrating waterfowl. There is a forest nearby where foxes, deer and Nilgai enjoy free living.


Mahabharata, the Great Indian Epic contains information about Sambhar Lake. It portrays Sambhar Lake as a portion of kingdom of Brishparva, the demon king. This is the place where Sukracharya, Brishparva’s priest lived and this is where, Devayani, his daughter married King Yayati. There is a temple for Devayani in this region. Local people in this place believe that Lord Shiva’s companion and Chauhan Rajputs tutelary goddess, Shakambhari Devi converted a huge and dense forest to a form of plain silver as a return for a service provided to her. Subsequently, when the inhabitants requested her to change it, she transformed the dense forest into beautiful lake. Thus, the lake got its name from this Shakambhari Devi after a stretch of corruption in her name. This transformation of name happened during 6th century. The shore of this lake carries a temple for Shakambhari Devi.


Sambhar host largest salt Lake and thereby acts as home to many rare avian. Situated at a distance of 60 km from Jaipur, Sambhar Salt Lake delivers picturesque atmosphere and it is turning out to be one among the famous tourist spot. For people who like to have a different outdoor experience, this place gives a golden opportunity to come across amazing wildlife sanctuary and also to admire the outstanding view of Sambhar Salt Lake.

Best time to Visit

The ideal time to visit this place is between the months of October and March. It is advisable to avoid journey between June and September as there will be heavy monsoon and one can see wildlife rarely. There will not be much salt production too.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport is at Sanganer airport, Jaipur which is at a distance of 118 km. One can take private or public buses or taxis to reach Salt Lake.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Sambhar Salt Lake station. There are frequent trains between this station and Jaipur Railway station.

By Road

There are good connecting roads between Sambhar and all neighboring towns. NH-8 runs between Sambhar and Malhan and stretches till Jaipur.

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