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Hot air ballooning is a relatively new sport that has been added to the repertoire of fun sports that are available to the International and local tourists and visitors in India. In Rajasthan it is available in the capital city of Jaipur, Ranthambore National park, Udaipur, Pushkar near Ajmer and the Neemrana Fort on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Hot air ballooning is an exhilarating and exciting sport that gives a different kind of high which needs be experienced rather than explained.

Man has always wanted to fly and with the invention of airplanes he was able to do that. But hot air ballooning is a completely different adventure as there are no machines that can be controlled to maneuver the movement of the balloon. The balloon carrying its adventurous passengers in the basket rises because of the hot air heated by burning fuel. The air currents carry the balloon high and the balloon glides on the currents like a bird in the sky. However, nothing is left to chance as expert balloonist who are pilots of the hot air balloon guide the balloon on the ascent as well as descent into demarcated fields where it finally lands after almost 60 minutes of adventure.

Hot air ballooning activity in Rajasthan is called as the Balloon Safari as the 1 hour ride high up in the balloon also gives you an aerial view of the fascinating Rajasthan terrain down below. If you have taken a ride at Pushkar near Ajmer, you can see the Pushkar lake or the busy and colorful Pushkar animal fair. If you have taken the ride at Ranthambore you can see the flora and fauna of the richly bio-diverse National Forest Reserve of Ranthambore. If you are lucky you will catch sight of a rare bird or animal in its natural habitat. Your balloon safari in Udaipur will take you over the city of lakes and palaces and you can observe the city’s unique grandeur and beauty.

Before you embark on this unforgettable journey, you will be briefed in detail about what the Balloon Safari is all about, about the safety features, dos and don’ts etc. You can also have all your doubts and queries answered as it is natural to be apprehensive if it is the first time you are going on this adventure trip. Most Balloon Safaris in Rajasthan are operated by private tour operators who not only import all the equipment but also the pilots from USA and Europe who have the requisite skills and the experience of many years of flying these hot air balloons.

Hot air ballooning or the Balloon Safari is a exciting experience that sends a rush of adrenaline every time you opt for one and while it is thrilling it is safe when all precautions stated by the organizers are carefully followed.

The Balloon Safari Experience

In Rajasthan the Balloon Safari experience is best enjoyed early in the morning and starts at around 5.30 A.M. to take advantage of the ideal ambient temperatures. Sometimes it also happens that the weather and other conditions are not fit for ballooning and the safari may be cancelled for the day.

Pre Flight Activity

Once the visitor has reported at the site from which the Balloon has to embark, a detailed briefing is carried out by the pilot or an expert ballooner explaining the simple scientific theory that is used in ballooning so that one can embark on the trip with no doubts whatsoever.

Duration of Flight

From take off to landing back on the earth, the duration of this thrilling experience is about 60 minutes where you get a wonderful aerial view of the terrain below and catch glimpses of nature as well as a civilization that you have only read or heard about.

Post Flight Activity

The landing takes place in open grounds sometimes near some villages. It is a fun experience to see the huge balloon being deflated and folded back by the team. If the landing is near a village, hordes of children and even some adults from the village will come in wonder to see what has happened and will watch in awe as the balloon lands and the passengers disembark.

Pick Up and Drop

Usually the company organizing the Ballooning activity provides free pick-up and drop from and to the hotel.

F&B Services

Some sort of a quick snack and hot or cold beverages are served at the site while you wait for launch.

Onboard Services

It is not recommended to eat or drink while you are ballooning but bottled drinking water is available on board.

Capacity of the Balloon

Each balloon can carry 8 passengers at full capacity which means only 6 six visitors can be taken on a flight at a time.

Some Recommendation


There is no activity in the balloon that visitors have to do yet it is recommended that all should be comfortably dressed and cotton is the preferred fabric used in Rajasthan everywhere. Ladies are not advised to wear the elaborate national costume such as the saree. Salwar suit can be worn if western sports or casual wear such as track pants or jeans are not preferred.

Foot Wear

Flat heeled shoes or flat heeled sandals should be worn.

Eye Wear

Sunglasses should be worn to protect from the morning glare.

Baggage on Board

As there is limited space just enough to carry visitors and weight is also an issue it is not recommended to carry anything other than that which is absolutely required during the flight.

Medical Conditions

If there is any medical condition, it should be discussed with the organizers. Pregnant ladies should refrain from taking this safari.


The round time from pick up to drop back to the hotel will take around 3 hours and this should be allocated for the trip.

Duration of Flight

Approximately 60 minutes of a Balloon Flight.

Best Time to Ballooning

The relatively cool months of October through March are the best months for Balloon Safaris as in summer the ambient temperatures are too warm to make an efficient ascent and flight.

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