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Para Sailing

Parasailing is a unique sport as it offers thrill and adventure of the highest level but is also considered one of the safest of all adventure sports. The best thing about parasailing is that it can be done by even by kids above four years of age. The individual is towed behind a vehicle which pulls a specially designed parachute known as parasail. Parasailing in Rajasthan is growing in popularity because there is more scope for the sport in the state with its large, open spaces and vast stretches of sand dunes which provide the ideal condition for conducting parasailing.

A Regular Event at Popular Rajasthan Fairs

Parasailing is held as an annual event in Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur. It is already a hugely popular sport and attracts thousands of people that include locals, domestic as well as international tourists. It is also offered as a part of various adventure tour packages as an added attraction for visitors. For many, this unique sport is a great stress-buster. There are also a few professional training centers that help you understand the sport better and train you to become an expert in the sport.

An Amazing Experience that No Other Sport Offers

A flight in a hot air balloon that glides smoothly over the vast sandy landscape of Rajasthan that offers stunning views of majestic palaces and historic forts can be a superb experience. It is a dazzling experience to challenge the natural pull of gravity and defy the winds to soar higher. The disappearing patch of barren sand dunes is a sight that enchants the parasailing enthusiasts and makes them come back for more.

Rajasthan adventure tour packages also include parasailing over short distances between two towns. Some of the most popular parasailing events include coasting in a hot air balloon over events like Pushkar fair, or the ones held at Nagaur or Beneshwar.

Why Choose Professionally Managed Schools

Parasailing is another key reason for tourists to add Rajasthan to their list of must-visit places on their tour itinerary. However, it is not so easy to organize and conduct this sport. Adventure sport enthusiasts must ensure they use the services of only proven and professionally operated parasailing clubs. They must have all the mandatory safety systems and machinery to ensure that mandatory safety regulations are complied with.

The Essentials for Parasailing

The essential things must be a part of your parasailing kit are approved grade of life jackets, a strong harness, a rope, helmets, and a rope. The kit must also include a wind meter to gauge the wind velocity which is a critical element in parasailing. Sport shoes are also essential. The clothing must be comfortable for paragliding. Jeans are generally recommended. Suntan lotions as well as sunglasses are also important things that must be carried in the kit. Other items recommended are wind socks, double or triple bar and feather flags.

The Best Time for Parasailing

It is important to be physically fit and have a committed approach to the sport when you decide to do parasailing for the first time. The best time for parasailing is the months of summer and winter. The ideal time is from October to March when the climate is cooler and temperatures are low. During winter, the hot air inside the balloon expands faster and you can expect to remain in the air for longer periods. It is best to avoid the sport in monsoon as the risk factors are high. Also, one should avoid parasailing near shorelines or in places where there are visible obstacles.

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