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Facilities for Shooting Training in Rajasthan

Shooting along with archery and equestrian sports is nurtured right from a young age among the students by Jaipur Development Authority. Various kinds of shooting ranges and techniques are taught at the impressive complex set up this association for imparting knowledge to kids. The combined ranges of trap and skeet that are available comprise of 4 ranges. This includes 3 ranges that are used for qualifying rounds and the final range that is used for the ultimate competition.

Range Description

There are 17 impressive and sophisticated guns in each of these ranges. These guns were made in France and are of very high quality. 15 of these guns are of trap type and 2 are of skeet type. These facilities are of global standards as each range is situated in the midst of lush and green landscapes stocked with all the necessary equipments that a shooter would need. The 3 qualifying ranges have a wide spectator area that is open, whereas the finals range has a world class pavilion that looks grand and promises spectators for some exciting moments. This grand pavilion has two floors – the ground and second floor has open seats for the spectators whereas the first floor has air-conditioned VIP boxes, conference rooms and lounges.

Other Amenities

These shooting complexes are also housed with the basic facilities like washrooms, drinking water stations and many more. The washrooms are made of state-of-the-art interiors and are centrally air conditioned. There is ample space here for the shooters to relax and rejuvenate themselves after a hard day's shooting practice. These restrooms are also heavily secured and only authorised shooters are allowed to enter into these places.

Types of Ranges

The ranges that are found in this complex are of 10 metres, 25 metres and 50 metres range. The 10 metres range is quite huge and can accommodate 40 shooters at a time. These have world class technical targets that have electromagnetic characteristics. There are separate shooting lanes for men, women, kids and the specially-abled. The 25 metres range is located on the floor above the 10 metres range. This range can accommodate around 30 shooters at a time. It is equipped with all the basic amenities and the infrastructure found here is truly top class. The 50 metres range can accommodate around 32 shooters at a time and it contains lots of benefits for the shooters like separate lockers, VIP lounges, conference rooms, restrooms for shooters and spectators separately and many more.

When the local boy, Lieutenant Colonel Rajyavardhan Rathore won the silver medal in the Olympics shooting competition, the state witnessed a huge spurge in youngsters registering themselves for shooting training. Even now, there are some important events that are conducted on this complex every year. They are the National Games, Masters’ Meet and Clay Shooting Championship of Asia. With lots of youngsters willing to learn the sport, the State Government is also doing its bit to motivate the shooters and try its level best possible to make shooting competitions the biggest sporting events of the state.

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