Golf – A Great Vacation Pastime for The Sophisticated

Golfing is one of the favourite pass times for a large number of people. They like to participate in this game and some play it as a style icon. This is very much popular among the sophisticated class of people who relax by playing this game. Just because holiday tours or vacations are for relaxation for many, they take to playing golf during their holiday trips. There are a huge number of locations across the globe that has great sites for golfing. Some are calm and serene while some locations are legendary. However, all the golf courses are great and they are all unique in their own way. Each of the golf courses is exquisite and greatly beautiful. For example, the golf vacation locations in golf’s originating land Scotland are exceptionally great. They are of high repute not just because of the natural beauty of the locations but also because of the perquisites provided. One cannot separate golf from Scotland or from the County Kerry region of Ireland.

Exquisite Locations

There are many sophisticated resorts that are situated in the serene settings of country atmosphere away from hustle and bustle of the city. Most often this calmness attracts lots of golf lovers to Scotland and other locations of the world for golfing vacations. Los Cabos and Phoenix are the two best luxury suites to resort after your golfing action. This is the finest location for all sorts of tourists in accessing posh stay and play golf purpose. Again those who wish to experience golfing actions under desert like conditions then courses situated in Nevada are excellent for both American as well as foreign crowds. Taking a day out of your Las Vegas trip would a great option for you. Wisconsin’s American Club or South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island are also great if you are willing to visit along with your family. They are best for coming with family because you would be able to peacefully play golf whereas your other family members would be peacefully able to enjoy other amenities at these places. If you are willing to take rest in between your golf play on the pink beaches then Bermuda is the right option.

Finest Golfing Destinations

While you might be able to find a large number of golfing vacation places it cannot be said firmly which the best golfing spot in the world is. However, to sum up according to popularity there are about ten places which can be listed together as best or most famous golfing locations in the world. In the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews of Fife, Scotland is the best place. Seondly, there is the County Kerry in Ireland which is also an exquisite golf vacation destination. Phoenix in Arizona along with Los Cabos of Baja California are best for the sophisticated classes willing to make a luxurious stay in a resort offering golfing facilities. For golfing under desert like conditions the best place is going to be the Nevada’s Las Vegas region. Sheboygan and Hilton Head are two best locations for golf vacation with your family in Wisconsin and South Carolina region. If you want to get sunbathed on beautiful pink sandy beaches besides playing golf during your vacation then the best location for this purpose is Bermuda. Other exciting locations are Colorado’s El Paso County and Jasper National Park in Alberta.

Homage to Golf

St. Andrews Link in Fife of Scotland might just be a golf course to a lot of people but for the golf lovers it is like a pilgrim destination. Lots of golf lovers from across the world come to Fife for paying homage to the oldest golf course in the world. Apart from the St. Andrews golf links there is the Kingsbarns Golf Links as well in the Fife region of Scotland. One willing to visit other attractive destinations in Fife may take a troll around to see the Edinburgh Castle in the nearby Edinburgh region.

Choosing Golf Courses

In Phoenix Arizona one would be able to find great locations for golfing actions such as the Legacy Golf Resort, Wildfire, Club West and Phantom Horse. There are lots of choices for a golf lover for golf links here at Arizona’s Phoenix region. One cannot fail to remember once he visits the Pueblo Grande which is an excellent example Native American village, which one would be able to find near the Phoenix golf course. Also another great attraction near this location is the Heard Museum showcasing the some of the earliest collections of native art of the Americans. At these locations would also be able to see some of the best American native dance performances. Thus, whoever is willing to find relaxation in golfing action during his stay at a sophisticated suite he should obviously visit Phoenix in Arizona region.

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