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Trekking And Camping

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent and scenic Mount Abu, Rajasthan is the most preferred place for tourists interested in trekking and camping. The route along Mount Abu is replete with rare varieties of plants, shrubs and animals. There are small groups of tribal people who live on the trails of the mountain. It is these people who represent the true culture and flavour of the place. Some of the famous areas along Mount Abu which the tourists can observe are the exciting scenes of Salgaon Watch Factory, Tiger Valley, Gabir Nalla, Trevor's Tank, Kodra Dam, Sayabera, Cragis Point and many more. The areas like Chhipa Beri, Vasthanji, Utraj Oriya, Rishikesh Temple, Trevor's Tank, Bhrigu Ashram and Jawai Village along Mount Abu prove to be perfect for overnight camping where tourists can stay in high-quality tents as they enjoy the beauty of the mountains and deserts that are stretched out as a great expanse in front of them. Tourists can get excellent deals on trekking and camping packages from authorised tour operators who offer half trek, full trek and overnight camping tours.

Trekking in Combination with the Desert Festival

Rajasthan, being home to the Thar Desert is an excellent place for camping and trekking. During the time of desert festivals, the tourists who come to the state increase to a great extent. It is one of the very few states in India, where tourists can get to enjoy desert trails, trekking and overnight camping at a single place. During the times of Jaisalmer desert festival that go on for 6 long days, the first three days are replete with camel safari, desert safari, turban tying competitions, longest moustache competitions etc. During the fifth day, tourists are treated to some excellent trekking and camping at Sudasari, which stretches up to 4km. The sand dunes of Gajani Mata stretching up to 4km are enjoyed the most during trekking in the night, done at the backdrop of light flowing in from the full moon. Again trekking trips can be done to the Khambha Village, after which tourists can come back to Jaisalmer.

There are specific operators who specialise in trekking and camping tours in Rajasthan. It is always advisable to get the professional help of these people before tourists plan their trekking trips. These operators cover all the remote trekking trails as well in a package with the best camping facilities that a tourist would not have known of. Depending on the duration of the package that a tourist chooses, he can cover few or many such sites in Rajasthan. The Aravalli Mountain Range is another major reason as to why trekking is popular in Rajasthan. Some of the famous expeditions that happen here every year are

  • Trekking Expedition covering National Aravalli, Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh
  • Trekking Expedition covering Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh
  • Family Camps provided on adventure desert tours

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