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Camping – Exciting Outdoor Recreational Activity

A lot of people love to do camping, which is an enthralling recreational activity practiced outdoors. Campers are found from across the globe in huge numbers. There are lots of camping sites in every corner of the world. Tourists, who are interested in camping, always wish to visit such places where camping is possible. The camping activities by tourists are generally done because of their interest for coming close to nature or enjoying the wildlife or just party around the bonfire. Here are some of the best locations for camping in different countries.

The Netherlands

In Netherlands it is very easy to find out the camping spots since government permits the campers to camp at various sites which are located in different places of the country and also do not claim any charges to this effect. You can opt for these sites in the event your family undertake the journeys of visiting Europe.


The United States of America is very big and in almost all the states, there are numbers of places where you can erect a tent for the purpose of camping, particularly in the western part of the country where desert part of the country is found. In fact, those having RV’s can utilize Wal-Mart parking spaces for free which ideally located all over America. The surroundings at Wal-Mart though not being very attractive, however, it is worth paying few dollars for staying at motel six.


In Sweden the campers are being encouraged for camping outdoors which is legal and totally cost free. This facility is also available in most of the Nordic countries since the inhabitants there have a keen interest for nature. You are eligible to set up a tent at any places outside the town for the purpose of camping with the maximum period of two days. Though campfires are not allowed, however, you can avail a night’s stay free of cost in this expensive country.


In Canada camping is totally free of cost if you camp in their public land – Crown Land. This covers almost eighty-eight percent of Canada and for this reason camping can be done free of cost while you travel. There are more than three hundred camping sites (free of cost) in British Columbia which you can avail when you wish. In majority of the cases, there are sites for camping where provision of picnic tables and water is found. Therefore, you can opt for this place when you plan for the next camping trip.


Though being the most costly country in the globe, Japan provides free camping in various places. In Japan cost free camping is in fact a common thing and you can gather information in this regard free of cost from few books in regards Japanese campsites. This is quite interesting for those who are eager to get the experience of camping in Japan.


Usually cost free camping is allowed by the government in majority of the places in Australia and campfires are also permitted for the purpose of camping. If you consider about free power and water then you possibly would not bother about staying on any beach for some days. For experiencing the brilliant wildlife of Australia free of cost you can also camp near the Australian jungles and woods.


Some tourists are of the opinion that the best and safest locations for camping in Mexico is at the back PEMEX gas stations. However, if you are not comfortable with this location for camping in Mexico then you can as well look out for other destinations such as La Gaviota Resort, Emerald Coast, Cerro Azul, Hotel Libres, etc which are excellent for campers. All across Central America there are many such excellent locations for camping. So if you visit Mexico for camping then you would remain always at a profit.


In Germany though it is difficult to find a legal place for camping, if you know how to do a little bit of online research then you would find the perfect location for camping in Germany. During your Germany tours if you wish to do some camping, do not hesitate to ask your travel guide for the best location in Germany for camping. There are many authorized locations as well where you would be able to find great excitement by camping after registering for free.


While you tour Iceland you may wish to camp here, which is possible at very cheap rates of as low as $9 per day. At such a price Reykjavik Campsite is the best location which allows you to camp on grassy lawns. This helps you to get things cheap with coffee being sold at just $3. You can stay at your tents at the minimum possible cost and see the beautiful capital city of Iceland. There are many such other locations as well in Iceland, Reykjavik is by the far the most beautiful for camping.

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