Polo is a dynamic equestrian sport which has been played for a considerable amount of time all through Asia and the Middle East. The West was acquainted with the game when the British colonized India, and the they rapidly spread the game around the globe. Various varieties of prototype polo have developed, incorporating on bikes, camels, and for the courageous of heart, elephants. Like other sports, it requires a person's physical strength, aptitude, and participation.

The beginnings of the game seem to lie in Persia, and the amusement has been played there for nothing less than 2,000 years, as work of art and contemporary compositions demonstrates. Polo spread gradually crosswise over Asia, where it was played by rulers and subjects. Numerous warriors played the amusement since it kept them and their horse fit and primed for fight.

There are two groups of three to four individuals in a session of polo, depending on the length of the field and the style of diversion being played. Every player has a long, adaptable hammer which is utilized to hit a ball, with the goal of driving the ball through the restricting group's objective. Polo is played in a nutshell periods called chukkas; every chukka has seven minutes, and play might be savage. By custom, horses are traded at every chukka, to help them stay crisp and fit.

The horse utilized within the game are called polo horses, they are not truly horses, however rather full measured stallions. Pure bloods are the accepted mounts, despite the fact that different breeds may be utilized also. In all cases, stallions are chosen for speed, readiness, and acquiescence. A great stallion is equipped for halting on a dime, working with different stallions and riders, and moving rapidly with the stream of play; title horses can order weighty wholes at bargains for its off springs.

Preparing for polo is diligent work. Stallions begin preparing at two to three years of age, and their preparation might consume a year, and at times even more extended. Riders typically prepare vigorously all through the year, frequently beginning with bike polo to get acquainted with the stream of the diversion before they include stallions into the mix. Riders are frequently extremely connected to their mounts, since the two must coordinate well with one another on the field of play.

Focused polo is played in various countries, particularly previous British settlements. Provided that you have a chance to see a match, it is well worth going to, since things can get truly electrifying, with horse pounding all over the field showing extraordinary accomplishments of spryness and quality. Individuals who are intrigued by studying the game can find their neighborhood Polo Association to discover progressively about local classes, facilities, and matches.

India is acknowledged the support of up to date polo. Babar, the organizer of the Mughal tradition in the fifteenth century, solidly created its notoriety. The period between the decrease of the Mughal administration and the insurgence of the British Imperial principle, polo essentially vanished from the territory India. Luckily, the amusement made due in a couple of remote sloping enclaves of the subcontinent, outstandingly Gilgit, Chitral, Ladakh, and Manipur.

In India, the prominence of polo has melted away and climbed commonly. Then again, it has never lost its great status. In the most recent not many decades, the development of exclusive groups has guaranteed a renaissance in Indian polo. Today, polo is not recently confined to the eminence and the Indian Army.

Situated 35 km south of Delhi , off the road of the  Delhi-Gurgaon,. Haryana Polo Club is a perfect area for people interested in the game so that they can come there to study, play or even practice the electrifying game of polo.

The people who play in the Haryana Polo Club are an assemblage of Indian Polo Patrons and  Professionals.

The best time to play this game here is between the months of October to March, however for people  who are new in the game, they can learn anytime.

Haryana Polo Club has various competitive and cordial  competitions throughout the season that is called  as Indian Polo Season

Here Corporate may also support and exploit special and marking opportunities to excite their customers.

The development of polo in the most recent two decades is presently remarkable, and the game is more animated than at any other time. The best time to go to the Haryana Polo Club  would  be between the months of September until April for furnishes of a classy nation setting for polo

People can also take small lessons everyday either during the early morning or late evenings, For people who are experienced they can enhance their game through practice

The Lessons of Polo are as follows

Schooling of horses and Polo Riding

Chukkers practice

Practice of the stick and ball

Wooden Horse

Principles & Tactics

The cost for a once a day lesson - Rs. 5000/-

Morning and nighttime Lesson. - Rs. 8000/-

For 20 minutes of Stick and Ball - Rs . 2500/-

At HPC, consistent practice chukkas begin from September.

Contract of Horse

Practice- Rs. 5000/- for every chukka

Competitions Rs. 8000/- for every chukka

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