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Bicycling – Interesting Activity at Tourist Destinations

One of the latest trends among travellers is to get involved in some sort of interesting activities while they visit new locations. Thus, many travel destinations have started providing different sort of activities at different places. For example, those who visit Spain wish to involve in various sorts of activities especially the Bull Run and in festivals where tomatoes are smashed and thrown on others. Similarly, bicycling has become very popular in different ways at different locations of the world. In the following few paragraphs, some of the popular tourist destinations for this intriguing activity are discussed. These are termed as cycling or bicycling holidays. The popularity of such bicycling holidays is rising day by day and more and more tourist destinations are cropping up as holiday bicycling location. Lot of travel agencies conducting travel tours to different places conduct special bicycling holiday trips to new tourist spots.


Loire Valley in France has become one of the most sought after destination for bicycling holidays. The route for the bicycling passes through the centre of the Loire Valley and it is prepared in a triangular fashion.  In this cycling route you would find the great Renaissance magnificence of Chenonceau and the superb chateaux of Amboise. While passing through this route you would be able to find various personal discoveries and watch different interesting spots also when you slowly pedal across beautiful riverbanks and pass through open countryside full with wildlife. While cycling everyday you would be able to take the taste of varieties types of wines which are found at the village vineyards or at the big wineries when you stop there for resting awhile. In this place the varied type of wine is available and it is diverse compared to that is found in any other parts of the globe. The places for staying are also very special and all of them provide nice arrangement for dining and extensive gardens. Local menus are delicate and refined, based greatly on fresh fishes obtained from the nearby rivers. There are beautiful swimming pools in St Ouen-les-Vignes and Chissay.


Cuba is another interesting well liked holiday destination and the reason for the same is as follows. Its beaches, magnificent architecture, old cars, the music and combined with revolutionary history of the place makes it an ideal cultural destination along with a nice atmosphere and warm hospitality of the inhabitants. When you move in a relaxed mood through the cycling route of this place you would come across all the interesting places for which Cuba is well known and some of them are the world-shattering history of Santiago, the attractive music of Trinidad and the historical buildings of Havana. You would be able to appreciate and experience the customary way of Cuban people that are present there. When you undertake the journey by cycle riding you would be able to discover the speciality which the Cuba possesses.

South India

If you plan for any cycling holiday then South India would be the ideal location because of its diverse landscapes and unique atmosphere. During your cycle ride you would be able to take a look of the beautiful Mysore Palace, pass through the Tibetans settlement located at a far away position from their native place and spending a day even among the elephants. Your cycle journey would take place through the places which are well known for scenic beauty and wilderness consisting of birds and wildlife. The route includes Wayand wildlife areas bordering Nagarhole that are ideal spots for moving through the rarely travelled roads of the hilly country. The famous Eddakkai caves where rock art of the prehistoric days are found and the extensive coffee lands of Coorg are few of the interesting attractions during the trip. The scope to interact intimately with the native locals is also the added attraction of the trip. You would find various types of suitable accommodation in plantation bungalows, eco-lodges for experiencing the good ambience of the place. You would find quality ethnic food in all these places which is the other attraction of the tourists.


Northern part of England is an ideal place for undertaking the journey through cycle riding since paths and cycle ways enable you to enjoy the landscapes which are varied and utterly fantastic. The route of the National Cycle Network is located between the North Sea and the Irish Sea. Newcastle would be your ideal route for riding from one coast to another. With its superb rail, air and road connections it is very easy to reach Newcastle. From Newcastle you would be able to arrange your first night’s stay in Keswick. After completing your breakfast there you could avail minibus to reach Whitehaven. For the coming few days you could avail the journey of cycle riding through Cumbria passing through the reputed cafe at Hartside while enjoying the scenic beauty of North Pennines together with the River Tyne.

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