The golden sand of Rajasthan state echoes the melody of music and dance of this desert land. The people of Rajasthan exhibits special music and dance for every occasion. This traditional art lies infused in their blood and soul. They carry the ability to bring color to any of the important activities of their normal life. These people know how to enjoy their life which is very well reflected in all forms of their music and dance.

Rajasthan Music and its Diversity

The melodious and captivating music of this desert state captures the romance and heroism of renowned legends of this region. The unbelievable diversity and richness of Rajasthani music is delivered with a perfect blend of old tradition and from their mixed culture with a strong influence from their neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana, Mewar, Malwa, Gujarat and Sindh. Rajasthani folklore carries the works of great legends like Malookdas, Meera and Kabir. Music and dance can also be enjoyed during childbirth and marriage. Their hypnotizing music is irresistible and thus makes everyone to shake their hands and legs.

The soothing and pleading goes well with the wondrous and strange Rajasthani culture. The  coolness of the dessert in the night during spring and summer season gets life with the soulful and evoking powerful music accompanied with their rhythmic dance of Rajasthani men and women. This land of kings and queens has carefully nurtured and bought their culture of arts.

Rajasthan rulers were great admirers of vivacious dance and music. This art carries a pattern of legacy that has been obtained several centuries back. Rajasthani music and dance can still be enjoyed during cultural nights bringing the exact view of Rajput era right in front of our eyes. The courage and boldness of great legends deliver inspiration to their music and dance.

The lyrics of Rajasthan folk songs are translated to expressive prosy style. The existing folk song in Rajasthan is not meant for reading. The language used in folk song becomes significant only when they were indulged in musical rhythm. This process of musical platform made Rajasthan folk song immortal. These folk songs target all family and domestic happenings, traditions, rituals, flavors and fetes.

Shankariya – The Traditional Ethnic Music of Rajasthan

Few of the well known dances of Rajasthan include Raas, Pot or Chari dance, Terah Taal, Dandiya, Kachhi Ghodi, Gangaur and Ghoomar. The popular songs of Rajasthan include Aendoni, Kurjan, Gorbandh, Shankariya, Digipuri-ka-Raja, Morubai and Panihari. Among these Shankariya is their traditional ethnic music.

The hilly regions of Rajasthan rejoice Gair, Ghumar, Neja, Gauri Walar, Chang, Shankariya, Gindad, Pinihari and many more. Shankariya is a kind of throaty and racy romantic love songs that was originated at the border of Rajasthan-Malwa border. This kind of songs is generally sung during local fairs and it’s the well known tradition of Malwa population.

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