Rajasthan state is the most amazing and interesting tourist destination in India with rich cultural heritage. This land of Kings is filled with rich cultural heritage with bright and colorful folk music and dances. Rajasthan folk music is the best means to get perfect picture of the customs and culture of this royal state. Folk music from Rajasthan artists is completely unique and delivers an exotic experience.

This astonishing folk music touches listener’s heart and soothes his soul. It carries distinct characteristic features and keeps up its individuality. The monotonous dry dessert receives vibrant color from its mystical music. Various types of Rajasthani folk music include Morubai, Gorbund, Panihari, Nihalde, Endoni, Gorbund, Digipuri ka Raja, Dhola dhol majira baje re etc these songs exhibit various moods of the occasion like happiness, laughter, faith, inter personal relationship, re union, loneliness of the lovers. Folk music is also deployed for the purpose of education.

In eastern Rajasthan, these folk songs are sung in several groups in Bam Rasiya, Hele-ke-khyal, Geet or Kanhaiyya and Jikri. All major functions in a family including child birth, engagements and weddings are generally accompanied by their own specific plethora of songs.

These mesmerizing folk songs form an integral part of all Rajasthan fairs and festivals. There are several types of communities like Dholies, Manganiyars, Langas, Banjaras, Mirasis, Bawarism Thotis or Nayaks, kamads, Sargaras, Jogis and Kallbelias etc exist inside this state and each group consists of its own dance style and folk music. These songs are based on particular themes like harvesting, planting etc all their aspirations, fears and hopes are inoculated in this activity based folk songs. Their tradition of singing folk music is passed from one generation to other since many years. Their song generally starts from alap and later set its tune. Their astonishing folk music can be heard all over Rajasthan state and is also popular in all national and international grounds. One can enjoy this outstanding music during their trip to this desert land to attend their Camel festival, Marwar festival, Pushkar Fair and Desert festival.

Musical Instruments

This haunting Rajasthan melody arouse from various types of primitive instruments. Musical instruments that fall under string category include Ektaara, Morchang, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha and Sarangi. Percussion musical instruments are available in variety of sizes and shapes right from big Dhols and Nagaras to tiny and small Demrus. Holi celebrator’s make use of Chang and Daf. Bagpipers and flutes arrives with traditional flavors of Bankia, Been, Tarpi, Algoza, Poongi and Shehnai.

Salient Feature of Morubai Music

Rajasthan population knows well how to celebrate their life and this is reflected in all their folk dance and song forms that exhibits an innate and earthy charm. Among all folk music, Morubai carries the credit of being highly preferred form for each and every occasion.

Morubai song sung by Champa Meti is all time favorite played in all possible occasion in Rajasthan. Various other Morubai songs include Deewana Aaja Marwad Main, Moru Kai Rogi Chak, Maru maru mori mori, Kalali tharo daru etc…

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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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