Music leads a highly imperative role in day to day life of Rajasthani people. The lyrics of their songs should be read in the style of pedestrian. Rajasthani music is more focused towards poetry rather than the melody. That too, their poetry gets complete meaning only when it gets fused with their folk music. Rajasthan carries the pride to deliver their traditional and authentic music in all possible events, festivals and fairs including seasons, family affairs, rituals and other common festivals etc.

Most of their folk dances are devoted to their deities. These folk songs include the devotional songs sung by Surdas, Meerabai and Kabirdas. There are various communities inside the Rajasthan state who follow the practice of singing in order to entertain others. Among them, the most famous population is Dholis (include Muslims and Hindus), Bhawais, Rawals, Nats, Kanchari (Includes both Muslim and Hindu prostitutes), Patars, Tangas, Qawwals, Kalawats, Fedalis, mangamars, Mirasis and Dhadhis. There are various trendy dances and songs of Rajasthan that includes Aendoni, Gorbandh, Panihari, Morubai, Kurjan, Shankariya, Digipuri-ka-Raja, Dandiya, Chari or Pot Dance, Ghoomar, Gangaur, Kachhi Ghodi, Terah and Raas.

Music - An Integral Part of Their Life

The outstanding vibrations of Rajasthan music was evolved by incubating the salient features of music from its adjacent states like Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. This amazing music has been popularly recognized even in foreign countries because of their stupendous show, ‘Festival of India’. Rajasthan state government also provides employment opportunities to its folk artists by conducting various cultural programs during festive occasions.

Each and every region in Rajasthan has got its own distinctive folk music and entertainment. All their dance styles, music and also musical instruments different from region to region. Romance, heroism and everyday life is well captured in Rajasthan music. The variety and richness in the music comes from their very old tradition and culture and also from culture that was absorbed from their neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

Both women and men sing both festival and devotional songs. Songs of great legends like Malookdas, Meera and Kabir forms the basis of folk music. These songs are sung all through the nights at the time of raatjagas that are performed as thanks offering to any specific god. Rajasthan folk are accompanied by music coming from basic musical instruments like Algoza and Baara which usually provide basement to poetry.

All About Kurjan

This is the old and famous Rajasthani folk song. It got its name from a migratory bird that is named Kurjan in the state of Rajasthan. This bird arrives to Bharatpur Sanctuary, Rajasthan during every winter season all the way from temperate zones of Russia and Siberia through Central Asia. It gets back to its homeland after winter season. Kurjan music in Rajasthan folk song is employed to carry the message from a wife to his husband who lives in far off country.

The most popular female vocalist Seema Mishra has sung many folk songs on the base of Kurjan music. These songs are highly expressive which in turn depicts the culture and history of this great royal land. Few other Rajasthan love songs include Kurjan Mela Mein, Satara, Sutodi Ne Aayo Ri Janjal, Kurjan Mhari, Balam Ji Mharo and many more.

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