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Digipuri Ka Raja

Music and dance are part of Rajasthan lifestyle. A slightly difficult lifestyle carried on in the presence of cruel weather makes people to keep themselves entertained by dancing with high spirits and singing traditional folk songs.

The state will definitely leave us spell bound with their brilliant combination of colors and their vibrant and powerful performing arts. One can indulge in their high pitched melodies and vibrating music that travels all through the desert land.

The state of Rajasthan consists of maximum number of Jat population. Jats were the rulers of ancient Rajasthan. There are Jat Kingdoms like Kushan Empire extends till central part of Asia. But their history has been largely destroyed at the time of Rajput-Brahman war.

Those Jat populations have carefully preserved their marriage systems, their culture, their folk tales, their folk songs and also living habits. One can absorb significant historical knowledge from all those Rajasthani music and their folk songs. The folk song was preserved by the Jat population and has been carried forwards among their generations orally.
The music in Rajasthan share great similarity with other countries like Russia and Central Asia. The climatic conditions and water scarcity make life difficult for Rajasthan population. Male members of Rajasthan population go to foreign countries to earn their living. Those days there was no proper communication system to contact each other. A trip to foreign country may take 3 to 4 years. The female members living in Rajasthan state used to express their feelings in the form of folk songs.

Rajasthan Musical instruments

The most significant folk musical instrument is sarangi and it is widely distributed in various forms all through this state. Bhopas Jantar is akin to Rudra Veena. It comes with 14 frets, 4 strings and 2 gourds. Ektaara is another single string musical instrument that lies on gourd and linked to body, made from bamboo. Morchang is another instrument quite popular in western regions of Rajasthan. Ghoralio is well known among Kallbelias, Garasiyas and Bhils. The thali makes a different form of musical instruments. The thali can be struck in different styles to deliver various kinds of rhythms and tones. Thali (otherwise known as Tasli) and Jhalar (also referred as Ghanta) are quite common. In the district of Jaisalmer, one can witness a different form of Jaltarang. This is referred as Jaltaal along with thali filled with water. Jhalar is generally played together with bells, drum beats and conch shells blow at the time of aartis and various other religious occasions. The shallow rimmed and single faced drums are called as Chang and Daf. The festival of Holi is celebrated with Chang, which is bigger with parchment attached to its rim. The smallest among all is known as Khanjri and its variant is referred as Dhaphli. Percussion instruments are available in all sizes and shapes right from the gigantic Dhols and Nagaras to small Damrus. Holi musicians make use of Chang and Daf. The string based musical instruments include Ektaara, Morchang, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha and Sarangi. Bagpiper and flutes are available in the name of bankia, Been, Tarpi, Algoza, Poongi and Shehnai in this desert land.

All about Digipuri Ki Raja

All festivals and fairs deliver bright color and music into the lives of Rajasthan people. Holi, the color festival brings joy, happiness and dhamal songs. Music and song also forms inevitable part of childbirth, marriage and welcoming son-in-law. There are even special songs for children in the name of Ghulda and Saanjhi. There are also all time favorites like Panihari Aendoni, Digipuri-ka-raja, Kurjan and Rasiya songs that belong to Braj.

Digipuri-ka-Raja is considered to be all time favorite rustic melody of Rajasthan arts. Diggi Puri Ka Raja sung by R P Nag and Subhash Todwal remains to be in the hit list of Rajasthani traditional songs. Digi Poori Ka Raja sung by Anuradha Paudwal in the album Bhagta Ro Hello is also one among the favorites for authentic Rajasthan music lovers.

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