The royal Rajasthan land is soldierly, melancholic, supple, refined and vivacious with its traditional dance and music. Their adorable dance and music is a tribute to their stunning beauty, rippling sinuousness and the vibrant roughness of its landscapes. It also exhibits the tough heroism of various people who lives in the land of queens and kings.

Any trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without indulging in their traditional folk dances and music. The outstanding songs of great ancient poets like Meera, Malookdas and Kabir has become an inevitable portion of Rajasthan folklore. Music and dance can be greatly enjoyed during festive occasions. Apart from festivals, one can witness dance and music during auspicious occasions like childbirth and marriage. Their vibrating music will definitely make a person to shake their body.

Salient Feature of Rajasthan Music

The special characteristic feature of Rajasthan dance and music is the presence of great variance. Almost for the past thousand years, there has not been much change in their art. The dance and music is an inevitable part of their life, which can be greatly enjoyed during festive occasions.
Both female and male singer deliver powerful and strong note in their voice. Their music covers all forms of lives in Rajasthan. Various songs sung by female singers reflect their feminine character and their strong bond with their families. Nihalde and Peepli are specific songs sung by women towards her beloved insisting him to come back to her soon or not to leave her. There are also songs in which every ornament worn by women is compared every member in her house. No celebration in Rajasthan is complete without their special songs.

These desert dwellers relax themselves from their hard work by focusing on their artistic skills. There are also professional performers who pass their talents to their younger generation. Rajput rulers were entertained by Charans and Bhat who are bards. These people focus on the heroism of the warriors and also laughter their family with their lampoon. Balladeers are wandering people who move from village to village with rawan hahha and phad painting entertain people with their music on Marwar community folk hero, Pabuji. The singing populations of Rajasthan are referred as Dholis. There are also referred in the names of Bawaris, Thotis or Nayaks, Kamads, Sargaras, Jogis, Kalbelias, Manganiyars, Langas, Dhadhis and Mirasis.

The melodies delivered by these people are echoed all over the state and it is also popular in national and international ground.

Musical Instruments

The soothing Rajasthan melody arouse from various primitive and unusual musical instruments. These instruments were made by Rajasthan people themselves, and are called in the names like Daf, Bankia, Poongi, Khartal, Algoza, Rawanhattha, Kamayacha, Sarangi, Naad and Morchang. There are many more instruments that are confined to Rajasthan state only. Rajasthan folk music evokes from traditional musical instruments like Ektaara, Jaltaal, Thali, Jhalar, Kallbelias, Garasiyas, Ghoralio, Morchang, Jantar, Sarangi, Algoza and Baara.

Gorbandh – The Famous Rajasthan Folk Music

The well known Rajasthani folk music is Gorbandh, which is focused on the process of designing decorative string for their camel, their traditional vehicle. These songs target the beauty in the faultless labor involved in decorating the camel. This song is exclusive when sung together with Kaharwa beat. Other types of folk songs include Kurjan, Sapno, Olyun, Hichaki, Jallo, Lawarji and Indhani. The melodies released from these musical instruments are powerful enough to evoke the feelings of its listeners.
The most popular Gorbandh songs sung by prominent singer Kuldeep Nehra includes Aayo Shrabi Aadi Rat, Tan Dhka Gav, Aaj Kal Ki Choriyan, Sania Mirza ki Nikkar, Kamla Ghani Rove, Dhol Bajada Shona Lagta, Dj Wali Casstes Laga Do, Tanka Fita Se, Bhav to Bata De Malan, Rang Chaka Karke Aaya Tha Me, Mane Payal Ghada Do, Charkali Bol Dhama Dham Re and Bajre Ke Kheth Me Padao Rulka Maare Re and many more.

Gorbandh songs sung by Seema Mishra include Kalyo Kood Padiyo Mela Mein and Chudi Chamke. Popular Gorbandh songs include Algoja, Dal Badli Ko Pani, Kalo Ji Kalo, Kagaliya Gero Gero, Charkha, Mahara Dadaji Ke, Chhapan Purana Piya, Hanja Maru, Ratan Siyalo and Kesariya Balam.

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