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The scene of education in Rajasthan has undergone a change due the initiative of the Government and other institutions that are involved for that purpose. Many policies are constantly being implemented to promote education, end gender inequalities, enrol students in various schools and provide other educational services.

As a center for education, Rajasthan is fast evolving state in India. The Government of Rajasthan is endeavouring to make this state stand in line with the best educational centers of India. The issue of education has always kept the Government occupied. Making education available to tribal population living in the state was a major challenge that the Government faced. It was an important requirement for communities such as these. It is extremely important for them to be aware and literate so that they can fetch fair prices for the artifacts they sell. Therefore, it became even more necessary for the Government to increase the rate of literacy.

In the last decade, education has taken a leap. In 1991, the literacy rate was 38%, which took a leap of 61% in the year 2001. The government aims to get a significant surge in literacy rate in the State. For the children of the State primary education is mandatory and free of cost.

Major Changes

Emphasis is given on education to girls. Many efforts are directed to make such programs popular among the masses. Students up to eighth standard get the facility of Midday meal so that the weaker section among the masses is induced to education. Special care is given to adult education and school dropout’s educational reforms. Apart from emphasizing on basic education various institutes imparting computer education, law, architecture, hotel management, mass communication, management and others are also set up.

As the industrial sector rose rapidly, government became more concerned about educational infrastructure. Rajasthan has a lot of private and government institutions imparting vocational and professional courses. At such institutes, practical aspect is stressed upon. Consequently, students benefit from them for a long time. In order to spread education innovative ideas were invented and are still being invented. To increase computer literacy all the districts of Rajasthan are provided computer buses.

All the efforts of governments have resulted in people coming from other parts of the country to receive education in Rajasthan.

Schools in Rajasthan

L N Milltal Foundation, belonging to Ispat International Group, established the LNM Indian Institute of Information Technology in the city of Jaipur. The purpose of this institution is to impart technical education in various fields like communication, Electronics, IT among others. The educational institutes in the State form a network that has resulted in producing educated, expert and qualified professionals to serve corporate sectors in the State.

A lot of importance is given to filmmaker education in Rajasthan. To help the economically weaker sections government has launched a scheme by the name of 'Aap Ki Beti.' Under this scheme uniforms, subsidized education and other things of need are provided to the girl child.
To stress on primary education in the State Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Zila Prarthamik Shiksha schemes are implemented.

Below is the list of government-aided schools in Rajasthan.

Sanskrit University

Major languages of India have evolved from Sanskrit. The ancient sciences have found their theoretic foundation with Sanskrit.

Therefore, preservation and propagation of Sanskrit are necessary for the country's overall development.

Keeping this view in mind, the Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya or the Rajasthan Sanskrit University was established in Jaipur for preservation and propagation of Sanskrit language.

Research oriented programs and studies are offered at the Rajasthan Sanskrit University that also offers Vidyavaridhi (PhD) degree.

Vidya Peeth in Rajasthan

Aiming to uplift the common man of the feudalistic Mewar, Pandit Janardan Rai Nagar established the Rajasthan Vidyapeeth in the year 1937. It was initially established as a center of night education for advanced, secondary and primary courses in the Hindi language and was given the name of Hindi Vidyapeeth. Later, with the amalgamation of Rajasthan, the Hindi Vidyapeeth added new dimensions and turned into an NGO of prominence renamed as Rajasthan Vidyapeeth.

For students who were engaged in most part of the day but still wished to study, the Shramjeevi College (Evening College) was established so that they may continue to receive education during nighttime and make a better future ahead.

To provide education to each section of the society, the Vidyapeeth set up a host of other institutions such as Post-basic School, Secondary School, Higher Secondary School and the Centre for Fine Arts. Rajasthan Vidyapeeth added the College of Teachers' Training in its education system as early as the seventies.

Higher Education in State

There are nine universities, 55,000 primary schools, greater than 250 colleges and 7,400 secondary schools in Rajasthan. The State has engineering colleges numbering 41 that enrol 11,500 students annually. To impart vocational training there are 23 polytechnics and 152 it is.

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