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Regions In Rajasthan

Ajmer State

Ajmer state was the part of the Ajmer Merwara province and it became an integral portion of India in 1947. It functioned as a state with Ajmer as its capital from 1950 to 1956. Over a period of time the boundaries of the states was redefined and Ajmer became a part of Rajasthan. Kishangarh was carved out of the Jaipur district and it became of Ajmer.


Dhundhar has been called by different names and had been part of the kachwaha and well as Jaipur Kingdom. In terms of area it comprises of Jaipur, Dausa along with Madhopur and Tonk. Dhundh is situated in east central Rajasthan and is encompassed by Aravali range located in north western part. Ajmer lies to the west and Mewar is situated in south western region. In year 1900, Jaipur Kingdom was in charge of a total of 15,579 sq miles.

Basin of Banas River comprises of southern and central part of Dhundh. Water is supplied to northern part from Ban Ganga River, originating in jaipur district and marches eastward to mingle with Yamuna in Eastern direction.


Other name of gorwar is godwad. In olden times it was a part of Chandravati Kingdom. It is situated in south western region of Rajasthan adjoining Gujarat. Region is bounded in south western direction by Mewar as well as Gujarat. Different districts of Sirohi, Jalore and Pali lie in the region. Some major towns are Abu road, Falna along with Sanderao.
Sukri River provides water to the region along with Luni and they empty into rann of Kutch. West Banas River is responsible for draining south eastern portion of the region.
Region experiences semi arid climate and is an important part of North West scrub forest. Jalore district is blessed with sand dunes since it is situated in Thar Desert.


Initially prior to independence, it was called Bundi Kingdom. Now it’s a region of Rajasthan state. Some biggest cities are Baran and Kota. Various districts of Bundi, baran and kota lie in hadoti region. In western direction, the region is bounded by Mewar and Ajmer in North West. In eastern direction, Gird region of Madhya Pradesh encompasses the region.

Hadoti is a primary center for migratory birds from various countries like china and Russia. Although arrival is late but due to decrease in temperature they are visiting the place ion hordes. Different migratory birds could be seen near water bodies and provide a wonderful site to tourists. They arrive in October and leave by March when temperature rises. During winters lots of tourists from various countries arrive in this region and enjoy the moment.


Marwar is also known as Jodhpur region and it forms a part of Thar Desert. It lies in south western part of Rajasthan. It is based on Sanskrit word which is called Maruwat.
Pali district, Balmer and jalore are important part of Marwar region. It is covered in North by Jangladesh region and North West by Dhundar district. In south western direction lies Sindh region along with jaiselmar in west.

It is a well known fact that Marwar is vulnerable to droughts. All villages and hamlets are situated at long distances. Settlements are continuously shifting because of sand storms. Due to deficiency of water, villagers walk long distances so that they can find lakes or rivers in neighboring states. Marwari horse is very famous.


It was called Udaipur kingdom and boasts of rich history. Located in southern central part of state it comprises of bhilwara, Chittorgarh and Udaipur. It was a Rajput kingdom which was ruled by sisodiays and Guhilot clans for more than 1400 years. Later it became the princely state under the British rule.

Initially it was called medhapath and Lord shiva is considered to be king of Mewar. Over a period of time Medhapath became Mewar. It is bounded by aravali range in north western region and Ajmer in northern India. Malwa region encompasses it in south western direction. It is a dry region and gets minimum rainfall during all part of the year. It is more in south western direction and becomes less as one move in North West. Mewar forms an integral part of Kathiawar Gir dry deciduous forest. Kumbhalgarh wild life sanctuary is a very important tourist destination in this region. Sita mata wild life park is also very famous among tourists.


Mewat is blessed with rich history and lies between Haryana as well as Rajasthan. It includes Alwar, Bhartpur including dholpur. Ancient Matasya kingdom was found in this region. Muslim population of Mewat is known as Meos and they live in Haryana Rajasthan and UP. Meena tribe located in Rajasthan exhibit similar culture and gotra as Meos There are plenty of folklores which are very famous about Meena and meos


It is situated in north eastern part of India and is named after the shekhwat rajput. Jhunnjhunu and Sikar form an important portion of the region. In its south east lies Dhundhar region and south west Marwar. Total area of the place is more than 13,000 sq km. Farmers of Shekhwat region are considered to be quite prosperous and they occupy second position in Rajasthan in terms of wealth. Region is blessed with highest literacy rate.


It comprises of districts of Banswara and Dungarpur. In north it is bounded by the legendary state of Mewar. Vagad is blessed with amazing flora and fauna. Mahi River flows through this region and originates from state of Madhya Pradesh. It divides district of Banswara and Dungarpur and empties itself into Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat. Forest consists mainly of teak wood and people can also find leopard and chinkara.

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