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Rajasthan basically has a very dry and hot climate, yet has four seasons which are the summers, post monsoon, monsoon and winters. It is considered one of the hottest states in India and the climatic conditions can vary frequently the entire year. The information about all the seasons in Rajasthan has been mentioned in this article and it will help you a great deal to decide the time of the year to pay a visit.


The time from April to June is the time of summers in Rajasthan and is the hottest one in Rajasthan. The average temperature in the day time can go up to forty five degree Celsius and at times reaches forty eight too. The diurnal range in the temperature also has a huge difference in the State of Rajasthan. The temperature in the day time is generally really high and might lead to dehydration. On the other hand, the temperature at night falls down and is much pleasant. The only place where one can find a little relief in Rajasthan is Mount Abu which is at a higher altitude than other cities in the State.


The month between December and March fall under Winter Season where January is supposed to be the coldest month of the entire season. The temperature of Rajasthan can range from ten degrees Celsius to twenty five degree Celsius and the temperature between day and night also has a difference.


The time of the Monsoons in Rajasthan is from the month of July to the month of September. Ninety percent of the Rainfall in Rajasthan occurs during this season and the temperature can range from thirty to forty degree Celsius. During the season of Monsoon, Rajasthan has the maximum humidity and receives the rainfall which averages one hundred to one hundred sixty five mm.

Post Monsoon

The months of October and November see the season of Post Monsoon with the state of Rajasthan with a temperature which varies from thirty three degree Celsius to thirty eight degree Celsius. The temperature difference is seen between the daytime and night time as the night gets really chilly.

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